Friday, September 3, 2010

Looong Weekend!

I am super-excited for this weekend for several reasons:
1 - It's not just an end to the work week (which is always nice), it's also a holiday weekend and I have Monday off!
2 - M&D are coming to visit!  Yay!

Labor Day & I have an interesting history, so here's the short(ish) version.  :o)

In college, Labor Day didn't really exist as a holiday.  On my way to class that Monday, I got a phone call form Mom asking if I had plans and all about the holiday - and all I could say was "what holiday?" 12 years of school days marked with Monday off for any & all holidays suddenly came to a standstill.  At first it seemed to strange to have class as usual when other friends were off and enjoying the extra day, but then I didn't really even notice it as the years continued.  It was discovered that Snaps' college also had classes on Labor Day so at least my school wasn't alone in this non-holiday mindset.

Upon finding a job after school, it was a pleasant shock to discover that I once again had Labor Day off as an actual holiday!  The glory of having an extra day to relax, party & enjoy!

Last year, I took an impromptu trip to see M&D for the weekend, and by impromptu I mean I came home Friday around 4pm and by 5:15 was out the door, boarding pass in hand as I headed for the airport and a fun weekend with family!

This year will be just as fun as I count down the hours until I'm released from work for the next 3 days!  Especially since September will be a busy month at work with events & workshops and all sorts of new things to learn & do.

Have a wonderful weekend! :o)

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