Saturday, April 30, 2016

Use the Force

Excited to share with you dear readers my finished mini quilt for the #maythe4thmqs swap on instagram. After the initial inspiration mosaic was posted, my partner also expressed a love of bright fabrics and inspiration struck! My thoughts went right to Andy Warhol style pop art so that's what I tried to capture in the quilt. 

I drew the outlines/faces on paper first, then copied them onto fusible web before ironing the fusible to the fabrics. It was fun choosing color combos and prints to use for each square. I zig-zag stitched around each element in a matching thread to make sure they stayed in place before free motion quilting different designs in each background.

I also made a triangular zipper pouch & the photo shows both sides, since I used a different fabric for each side- one rebel, one empire. 

My quilt went winging off to Australia and was happily received by my swap partner. Phew! It was hard to part with but I'm eagerly stalking my mailbox to see what shows up for me. 

Linking up at RedLetterQuilts for my April OMG finish too. 
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Quarter 2 Hopes

I'm happy to say I completed 6/10 projects from my Q1 list! Hooray! I'll be a busy-bee this quarter so the list is a little shorter this time around. Linking up Q2 with our illustrious team of hosts.

Here's my list of hopes for Q2 - linking up with the Finish Along hosts.

Quilt for G - tag-teaming this w/Momm and she made the top, so I've got it basted and am ready to quilt!

#maythe4thmqs Instagram mini quilt swap
this has been a lot of fun to create and it needs fusing/applique & then quilting....use the force....

Radar Wave quilt


 Charm stamps


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OMG April is here!

RedLetterQuiltsOMG is right! 

This is one of the busiest months at work due to preparing for the influx of quilters for Quilt Week Paducah. So I have a whole week blacked out and with that in mind my goal for April is a quick one (I hope). I'm participating in the #maythe4thmqs Instagram swap which is all about Star Wars! :D  

Am super pumped about my idea which got a huge dose of inspiration-Andy Warhol-style. I've got my mini quilt started and my OMG is to finish it before Quilt Week this month.

Here's a peek at where it is currently - fusing the outlines, will need to outline stitch the edges and then plan to FMQ quilt in each background.

zip bag link up

I've posted about this bag before, but realized that it needed it's own post so I can link it up for the Quarter 1 Finish Along link up.  Original Q1 list here and linking up to the Q1 finishes with Slo Studio.

Zipper bag for my coworker L as a thank you for scoring me a free ticket to see The Force Awakens on opening day! (the rest of the story) It was fun to make and try out a new-to-me zipper bag style and gift it to an awesome coworker.

2016 FAL