Monday, March 21, 2011

quilty quilty quilt

Dear readers I'm a bit remiss in my posting, as I've noticed a severe lack of quilt related posting (new job not included). This will more than make up for it, I'm sure.
amazingly easy pinwheels!

I found a great tutorial online by the Missouri Quilt Star Co. - on easy pinwheels - and was just amazed at the method.  Of course, I had to try it for myself and wow! what an easy way to make pinwheels en masse.  Once I tested it, I had to turn it into something and what better than a mug rug.  Mom got me semi-hooked on these and I spot them all over the blog-o-sphere.  These are also a great way to practice my binding techniques – an added bonus.  


I've been working on a couple classified projects as well so here are just some teaser shots - more to come. I've got to piece the backing to one & possibly get some batting for the other - we'll see how I can stretch what I have to cover both.  Although, speaking of batting, there's some super soft stuff from Moda that I'm wanting to try out. 

I'm super excited about them both and can't wait to get them into the machine!  I'll probably take them to work with me soon, so I can lay 'em out and pin baste 'em on the larger tables.  Yay.

Lastly, I'm completely enamored with the Gypsy Bandana fabric line by Pillow & Maxfield.  Every time I'm at Hancock's I walk down the aisle and drool *not literally!* over these awesome pieces.  I wish I could take yards of each home with me, but alas, that just isn't feasible.  
Don't you just love these designs?!
However, I do scour the remnant table and have managed to find good pieces of several color ways which totally makes my day!  I'll need to find a good way to use this awesome fabric so i can buy more.  :D 

So that's what's up in the quilt room for now - stay tuned for more project teasers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

These pix speak for themselves so enjoy the first bursts of springtime in Paducah!  :)

daffodils! *grin*

High Water

Here are a few more shots of the river as it continued to rise.  After last weeks post and pictures, the drive through area along the wall was closed to vehicle traffic.  The walls are still open so there have been plenty of people coming to give a look-see at the rising river each time I've been out photo-documenting.  I don't know how high the river gets typically at the end of winter, but for now it's the highest I've seen it.

March 11: PM, after work
I tried to keep the same angle (as last posts' pix) for comparison purposes and then explored the rest of the riverfront area.  It's pretty cool to see a riverboat going by at eye level instead of looking down on them as they slip up & down the river. 
March 15: PM, after work

According to the sign the river gauge went from 45.5' to 47.6' between these two pictures.  The flood stage is 39.0' and I've discovered the flood gates in the wall are closed at 49.5'.  It isn't predicted to get that high, though the lower shoreline areas have been impacted.

This riverboat/barge came alongside the shore and was almost close enough to touch.  It's sitting high already because it's empty and several people gathered to watch it park.

Picture if you will dear reader, some long steps, flower planter boxes (now covered) and a stage where bands play during the summer.  The boat ramp is here as well and it can be a nice place for lunching and relaxing outside - when it isn't all underwater!


<---For comparison (& for fun!) here's what's usually visible from the road.  Neat trick huh?  :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

River on the Rise

We've had plenty of rain over the last few weeks and it has certainly filled up the river.  Local forecasts have been carrying flood warnings for the surrounding areas and it's interesting to see the changes from day to day on the river.  The flood walls are still open, but you can't drive down by the river launch area right now - much of that is under water at this point.  I'm curious to know how they determine when to close up the flood walls.  

 March 3rd: AM

I don't seem to have the same view from a summer snapshot for comparison, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory here.  These are the same picnic tables I ate lunch on during summer & fall.  Yipes!

March 9:  AM

 Hopefully we'll get to see some sunshine around here soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Version

Inigo Montoya: Let me 'splain.
 No, there is too much. Let me sum up. 

So here's the short, short version of what's been going on here in west KY:  life is good. :)

Really, there was a lot of busyness at work and weekends to deal with and many nights I lacked motivation to sit down and blog about it.  Of course there were some non-work related things in the intervening weeks as well.  Many times I ended up drafting a new post in my head that never managed to make it to the computer screen.  Oops.

Highlights include:  
*concerts for the Paducah Symphony Orchestra & the National Symphony Orchestra
*visits from M&D
*School Block reception at work for 100+ people
*the daffodils are blooming!  :D
*in-progress quilt projects

 ---In other news ----
Today was Paczki Day (the Polish Mardi Gras) and usually the only day I'll eat a jelly-filled donut.  Paczkis, of course, are donuts with a jelly filling, though sometimes it can be cream filled, or with other fruit type flavor inside.  I managed to hunt down a local donut shop and snag one for breakfast. 
nom nom nom nom

Plans for a Mardi Gras party at L&N's fell through since I was sick. :/  I noticed I've been quieter at work since I have minimal voice and any long bouts of talking make it worse.  That being said, answering the phone and making reminder calls has been difficult this week.

Tonight I'm kicking in the vitamin C, listening to the rain & preparing for Lent - take care dear readers!