Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How many WIPs do you have?

radar wave 270/584

Seriously - do you keep track of those WIPs? Do you shove them to the bottom of your project stack? Are they forgotten and left to linger in the sewing room? Or do you finish everything in good time?

It seems to be a topic across blogland lately and got me to thinking. I've been participating in the Finish Along for several years now so I think I have a general idea of my WIP stack.

After some recent finishes, I took a quick look through the stack of WIPs in my sewing room to get an idea of what all I had in there (and to see how many there really were...)

Quilt Camp Sampler -blocks

marsala quilt
Turns out there aren't that many in that stack - only about 12 tops and a handful of other in-progress projects. :D  

Frosted Panes
Going through the stack is always good to remind myself what exactly I have in there to work on and I thought I'd post them here for the record as well. Most of these are finished tops as you can see, so there aren't lots of little pieces strewn across my sewing room.
GS stack
Mardi Gras Round Robin
Plus, it's always fun to see some of these unfinished projects and remind myself what I've created and think of how they can be quilted & bound. 

double wedding ring top
Some of these have popped into my Finish Along lists over the past few years and are waiting for me to get them quilted & bound.

mini charm quilt

Some of these tops were finished before I really knew how to actually quilt & finish them up!  Some are still blocks in progress. Don't get me started on the ideas for quilts, or stacks of fabrics pulled for projects that haven't been started yet....
hand-applique sunflowers

So even though they've been lingering in the WIP stack for a while, I'm still interested in quilting them and marking them in the finished column. 

So have you checked your WIP stack lately? Or would you rather not worry about the numbers in your WIP pile?

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