Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Through it All

"Hold on, hold tight
If I'm out of your sight
And everything keeps moving on, moving on" -"Breathe in Breath Out" Mat Kearney

me & my quilt 'Shattered Chaos'
 I'm really enjoying the new apartment and am slowly getting things put where I want them and where they'll work best.  I have yet to put anything on the walls aside from hanging one of my quilts by the front door - it makes me smile every time I come through the door. 

 One thing I love about the apartment is the balcony!  I can sit outside and stare out at the parking lot & other building.  haha.  Though true, it's not so depressing - there are trees and greenery around.  It's also fairly quiet which is rare for apartments.  Some of my neighbors have wind chimes that make the most gorgeous tones.  On particularly windy days the chimes are reminiscent of the Harry Potter theme.  Other times they sound just like those in the movie August Rush.  It cooled off some last week and I could open the windows and listen to the chimes at night. *happysigh*

There are also a number of hummingbirds out here - many balconies/porches have a feeder out.  They just zipp around, occasionally hovering within arms' reach, and are fun to watch.  One Saturday morning was overcast and rainy so I went out to sit and watch/listen to the rain and spotted a brave hummingbird flitting through the rain from one tree to the next.

While I'm all moved in, I have no washer/dryer in the unit.  There is a closet with the hookups which mocks me, but so far no actual laundry facility included.  This meant I got to trek out to the laundromat and re-live the college days of lugging laundry & quarters to the machines.  Oddly enough, I enjoy laundromats and come prepared with book, iPod and trusty camera.  
at least it's festive - though I doubt people actually claim these items!

It's fun to watch other people wait for laundry and it was sort of nice to just have to sit and wait for my clothes to finish.  I couldn't rush off anywhere else and could enjoy sitting with my book.  In the background was the VH1 movie about the Temptations so there was good music as well.  :o)  I waited until everyone else had left before snapping this picture as it hung above the door. I didn't notice until afterwords the security camera was right next to it - oops!  
No pants!

There's not much that can follow that so I'll leave you with this final thought dear reader:
Pants are always optional!!

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