Thursday, August 30, 2018

Star Gazing

I've said it before readers & I'll say it again: making baby quilts is one of my favorite things! This quilt is for a coworkers' new baby boy and now that it's been gifted I'm excited to share it here!

We found out the nursery theme/colors - outdoorsy - fairly early, but coming up with the right kind of design to fit that took some time over the summer. With roughly 22 coworkers it couldn't be anything too complicated in design or take too much time for construction. We decided on a night sky idea and choose a variety of dark blues for the background and a variety of light colors for the stars. Every staff member chose their star color and background fabrics, and several stitched up their own blocks. Once all the stars were made it was fun to rearrange the blocks and try out different layouts. 

I kept the quilting pretty simple - a medium stipple in the backgrounds in a matching blue thread, then securing the centers of each star with a variety of thread colors - some matching, some contrasting. Blocks finished at 9" so it's roughly 45"x45" in size - a quilt baby H can grow into. Binding is machine finished for added durability and it was washed & dried before gifting so it's soft and ready for baby snuggles. 

This week S brought in new baby H for the first time and we all got to meet him! :D 
We surprised her with the quilt and she loved that all the staff helped make it. Definitely makes the quilt extra special for H and we hope he loves it forever.

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