Wednesday, June 1, 2016

what I'm working on now

So May has come and gone without much of a peep over here. I've made some behind the scenes progress though!  
I already had my Disco quilt basted and am currently working out a plan for quilting it. now it just needs som of my free time to get this one going.

Matched up and choose backings for several other quilt tops and got those ready too. I used up most of my pins basting these smaller quilts - my Marsala color challenge quilt ::

::and my Radar wave quilt. 

Then I remembered the unopened packages of pins sitting in my sewing room! I ripped them open and ended up basting a fourth quilt also- my post stamp charm quilt. This one I basted from the backing, as I'm going to try out following the fabric design on the back with my quilting. Will let you know how that goes. 

*Edit: Post stamp quilt basted from the back. 

I've got plenty to keep me occupied for the near future - so stay tuned!