Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hanging Out Sloth Style

Sweet friend M asked me to make baby quilts for her soon-to-be twin nieces and of course I said yes! You know, readers, that I love to make baby quilts. 

She asked for sloths, because her sister loves them, and when I showed her this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, M was all in. We talked colors (no pink, something soft) and then I went to my favorite fabric shop (Hancock's of Paducah) to hunt up some sloth-appropriate fabrics.
signature bee spotted!
I made one block for each quilt and extended the tree trunk taller to fill the space better.  Added background fabric to make the quilt size a bit larger too.

I've heard that these patterns can be time consuming to make, and while there are lots of little pieces for the faces, it stitched up really smoothly! I spent a night cutting allll the pieces for both quilts, and then took another day or so to piece the tops. So worth it!

I also mirror imaged one of them so they face in opposite directions, because twins- same, but different! That's why there are two different background colors. The backings are the same fabric - a wintry tree print with the absolute right colors - and I bound them in the opposite background fabric for an extra pop.

Snooze I
Snooze II

Quilting these was extra fun!  I free motioned the sloths fur-like spikes, wood grain in the trees and leaves in the background - all in coordinating Aurifil threads. Hoping M loves them, and that her sister and new nieces love them well!

Linking up with Studio Sew of Course for the 2018 Quarter 4 Finish A Long. Original Q4 post is here.

Monday, December 31, 2018


Capriccio::a lively piece of music, that is free in form::

I'm so happy to share this quilt with you readers as I just love how it turned out! I was inspired to try something new in my quilting this summer and wanted to experiment with some improv stitching. I was inspired by Sherri Lynn Wood's book & style in starting with the wedge shapes - then just let the fabrics direct the process from there!

Constructing bits of wedges here and there & rearranging them on the design wall took some time - so many possibilities and ways to try and put them in place.  

I was using fabric from my stash, and had limited amounts of some colors, which also helped determine size/shapes. 

The fun of improv is working within the limits of colors, or fabrics or quilt size!

Starting to piece segments together and play with the layout took time. I was guessing for a lot of the white background and kept adding bits, or ripping seams to add something else back into the mix before re-adding the background. Free cutting the curves and stitching those together was a fun challenge in parts!

Once the top was finished, I moved right into basting it, and then stalled out before jumping into quilting it. I stared at it for awhile until realizing that starting at it wouldn't get it quilted. Also, I was determined to finish this in time to enter into QuiltCon - nothing like a deadline to get you going - am I right?!

Okay, here's the deal - I love to free-motion quilt. It's fun to doodle designs and I'm a big fan of matching the right quilting to the design of the top. However, figuring out how to quilt a quilt can be tricky. 

For Capriccio, I had an idea of one design in one place - echo lines around the bottom right sliver - and so that's where I started. I don't always have a full plan in mind when I start stitching, but find that once I start, more ideas come to mind and it starts to flow. I used Aurifil threads in a variety of colors for the quilting blending & matching colors with a few pops.

I knew fairly early, that I didn't want the quilt to be square, so I rounded the left corner. Getting that curve was a bit unnerving, until I discovered the sweep of the curve I wanted matched perfectly to a hula hoop I had in the house! Wouldn't you know - the hula hoop was easy to use as a 'ruler' with the rotary cutter and made that curve a snap to trim.

Thankfully, I finished just in time to get some photos in the daylight and enter this one into QuiltCon, but it didn't make the cut. Having that deadline to aim for really got me fired up to finish this so I'm not complaining! Happy to have it completed, and to check it off my Finish A Long 2018 Quarter 4 list as well! My orignal Q4 list can be found here. Linking up at Studio Sew of Course.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Snoopy the Flying Ace

Sharing a recent finish with you today! A friend of mine, who loves Snoopy, pieced this charming quilt in anticipation for her first grandchild.  She asked me to quilt it for her so it'd be ready to snuggle when the baby arrived.

Don't you love baby quilts - they are such a happy thing to make and gift and I was extra happy to quilt this one.

I kept the quilting simple - adding some woodgrain texture to the doghouse, loopy clouds in the border and keeping the grass in keeping with the comic-style, as well as my trademark bee. The striped binding makes the perfect finishing touch! I found out this morning, they had a baby girl so I know there will be plenty of baby snuggles for my friend & her family! Yay!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quarter 4 FAL List

Marci Girl Designs

Well it's certainly been a few months since my last Finish-a-Long link up. I'm back this Quarter to finish it up strong for the year.

Operation:snooze part I
 A secret project so I can't get too detailed, but I've got all the pieces cut & ready to sew.

Operation:snooze part II
 Also a secret project so I can't get too detailed, but I've got all the pieces cut & ready to sew.

Inspired by Sherri Lynn Wood's book on improv quilting and a desire to try something different!

I'm keeping it short & sweet this time around but excited to join back to the Finish-a-Long! Linking up at She Can Quilt for Quarter 4.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Berry Dusk : Mosaic Entry

Here's my second entry for the Mood Berry Mosaic Contest over at Stitched in Color! Again, fabrics are from Fabricworm.com as specified for the contest - so much fun to fabric play and curate a specific group of colors & prints. 

Night Blooms : Mosaic Entry

Hello friends - do you love playing with color & fabric combinations? Check out Stitched in Color's blog for her latest Mosaic Contest- Mood Berries. Choosing only 9 fabrics from a whole shop can be challenging, but here's my first entry.
May I present Night Blooms. 
These brought to mind gardens full of colorful blooms at twilight in the late summertime. Fabrics from Fabricworm online shop.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall Paducah Quilt Week

A couple weeks ago we had the 2nd ever Fall Paducah Quilt Show in town! We were a bit more prepared this time around and it was a week of quilts and fun and quilters and work. My work hours were fairly normal for a Quilt Week (hooray!), and I managed to duck over to see the show & exhibits on occasion.  Mostly, my duties include manning a register, taking pictures for social media, helping out when artists visit and agree to photos &/or a video interview, and generally being useful and building relationships with artists.
Oh, this guy? He flew into the museum and is covered with fabric - a patchwork pelican!

Here are just a few of the quilts that caught my eye at the show - some really great quilts being exhibited. These first two were part of the Taiwan Art Quilts exhibit.
Growing Continually II by Huei-Lan Chaung
Coexistence by Lien-Chao Tseng
Sunshine by Kat Jones, Australia

Arches by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Faces of Four Seasons by Joann Baeth
Hello Harvey - Hello Irma by Beverly Blessing & Lynette Mart

Found it interesting that while the Quilt Show took place, the East Coast was preparing for Hurricane Florence, and there were 2 hurricane-inspired quilts.

Both were eye catching, though different in size, and very on point with their appeal for the current events ongoing.

Infrared Maria by Ann Harwell

This quilt stopped me in my tracks on the floor. The detail and design was intriguing and I had to take a closer look for sure on the quilting. What a cool design and such workmanship! The Scenery of Gameunsa Temple by Hyesook Kim, South Korea.

The colors! The white water breaking over the curl! The spray of the water! Love this!
Wave by Debi Webb

One of the special exhibits was Bourbon in the Bluegrass: quilts inspired by KY bourbon makers, made by MJ Kinman. While they are striking through the camera lens, in person they were excellent! Makes me want to like bourbon more....haha.

Between River and Sky
Kentucky Honey
 This made me smile! How can you resist?!
Making Amends by Carol Cote, Canada

Casting Shadows by Paige Alexander

That's Life by Mary Landon

One of the other special exhibits was Tula Pink's quilts! These were really fun to see in person, face to face if you will, after seeing them online as patterns or fabrics in progress. Tula's quilts are quilted by Angela Walters and it was awesome to see so much of her quilting in person too! Extra bonus fun? I went to Tula's evening talk Thursday night. So good! Seriously, so. good.

 Tula gave us an insight into her inspirations and creativity and process as she works her magic. Takeaways from her talk: Don't be afraid to have bad ideas, the good ones are in there too!
Make it authentic to your hand, to you. Art is the artist telling you who they are.

I have to say, Tula lives up to her reputation in a great way and if you have a chance to go see her-go!

me & Tula!
 All in all a great week, and a fun Fall Paducah Quilt Week!