Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 Wrap Up

Wrapping up 2023 with a revisit to some favorite adventures, quilts, and people!

It's nice to take a look back and revisit these moments from the year. Reliving the fun, the hugs, the music, and the thrills from memory is a bight spot at the close of the year and a good way to remember how much was packed into 2023!

Also looking at the quilts made this year. Lots of minis this year, for several swaps which challenge my creativity. This year included some amazing experiences with exhibiting my quilts around town! First in a fiber art show and then in a solo show at the National Quilt Museum (which is ongoing through Feb. 20, 2024). What a thrill!

Travels and hugs and music and bears and mountains and silliness and FUN filled 2023. Here's to closing this chapter and to turning the page.

Friday, December 1, 2023

My Quilting Medley

My Quilting Medley - my solo exhibition is now open at the National Quilt Museum and runs through Feb. 20, 2024!!

I am beyond honored to have an exhibit here and to share my quilts! I'm inspired by colors, music, pop culture, travel, & family, and hope to reflect those in my work along with a love for free motion quilting. 

Quilting is my creative passion and I enjoy trying a variety of techniques, methods and styles. Of course they each have my signature bee hiding in the stitching, and it'll be fun to see visitors discovering them!

Monday, November 27, 2023

Summer Star Flower

Somehow forgot to share this stellar quilt I finished over the summer. This is Star Flower - made especially for baby V, my newest God daughter. Her older siblings also have star themed quilts, though none of them are the same design. I love knowing they each have their own special quilts, but that they also coordinate.

I had a pattern for this ring of stars just waiting to be made into a quilt, so the real fun was pulling prints and colors from my stash. I decided to jazz it up with the extra corner stars and had just enough of the blue for the background!

The swirls set off the ring of stars, and it was a joy to meet baby V and gift this quilt. I know it'll be loved! Here's a peek at the bumblebee too.

Friday, November 17, 2023

(Becky's Version) ...are you ready for it?

A look at my latest quilt which is called (Becky's Version). It's inspired by the Eras Tour and a love of Taylor Swift's music. I knew there had to be a way to mix these two favorite things. Of course I took it with me to snap some pix before watching the concert film!

The fabric colors coordinate to each of her albums, and the number of strips in each color represent the number of songs on that album! To go one layer deeper, in one of the rows, I placed the strips in album release order. Taking notes on how to add easter eggs Taylor-style.

It's quilted with organic lines in the coordinating colors, and I've also quilted the album titles into their respective colors. Spot that bee! ;)

I'm in love with it and am loving jamming out to the vault tracks from 1989 (Taylor's Version) alongside all the other songs!

It's going to be away for a little bit as I have a mini solo exhibit coming up at the National Quilt Museum!! Super thrilling, and this quilt will be in that!

Monday, June 26, 2023

Your Story Begins for A

Catching up on sharing some finished quilts and logging them here. This is a quilt I made & gifted for a dear friends' first baby. It's called "Your Story Begins" and I hope it'll be well loved for many years to come!

S is a book lover, so I wanted to incorporate that into my design. I combined some #talltalesblock with some little library blocks by @kitschempire, along with some bunting for a book lovers dream! It was fun choosing the fabrics for each of the books, especially using the text print for the inside book pages.

As a fun surprise for S, I used some Anne of Green Gables fabrics I've been hoarding for a while. We're both fans so it was begging to be used in this quilt for baby A. It was a delight to stitch and create as a special gift.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Exhibit at Hotel 1857

I am thrilled to say that I'll have some of my quilts in a show at a local hotel! It's 2 months, and my works are featured alongside quilts from several quilty friends fiber art works, and all of them are for sale. 

Once I was asked to contribute some pieces, I started making lists and digging through my wall pieces for things to submit. I pulled some older small quilts, and made a couple new pieces as well, trying to include as many as I could have ready.

Of course, I made sure that each of the pieces had my signature bee quilted into them, which turned out to be a good plan, as some friends told me they stopped by and went looking for the bees! I love that by making this my signature and adding it into my quilts, it's also something interactive for viewers to try and find in my quilts. Really makes me try to be sneaky with blending bees into the fabric colors, tiny bees hiding out, and adding multiple bees occasionally in the free motion quilting.

Once the show was up I went by to see them all on the walls, and grab some pictures. We'll see if any sell, but honestly it's a thrill to even have them on exhibit somewhere in public! How awesome!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Make a Mini Make a Friend - 2023

This year I joined in with the Modern Quilt Guild mini quilt swap, it's the 2nd time I've participated, and it did not disappoint! This is a fun swap and I enjoyed creating something for my partner @margaretfleisher. I wanted to incorporate improv curves, and combined that with some paper piecing too. 

I started with some doodles, playing with the arrow shapes and then drew them out so they could be paper pieced. Other than a dislike of purple, I had free reign for color and started pulling the green and yellow from my stash, then added in the blues for contrast. After piecing the three arrows, I auditioned several fabrics before deciding on the orange dots.

I love free motion quilting, and once this was all together, it was fun creating different designs in each section! The middle design is a new one to me - and I'll use that again!

Swapping with Margaret at QuiltCon was fantastic! We pulled and flipped our quilts at the same time and I think both of our eyes lit up at what we saw. This is what Margaret made for me - and it's perfect. The curves, the colors, the fabrics, I love it all and can't wait to add it to my wall of quilts.

Many thanks to our swap fairy @lovinglissa as well. There's a huge crowd of swap groups and partners, so you get to see what others have made and there are so many amazing quilts being shared!