Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday WIP

Over the weekend I managed to start quilting my Shatterpoint Improv quilt! Super exciting, considering the top has been waiting patiently since 2013 for me to get it basted. :)

I'm quilting multiple spirals into it with my walking foot and guide bar to keep the spacing consistent. I'm using Aurifil thread #2810 on top and #1125 in the bobbin. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with You! :D Happy Star Wars Day friends!

<-- I saw this on FB earlier and it made me laugh so I had to share.

On an endlessly rainy day that looks like Dagobah outside my office window, it's thrilling to celebrate all things from a galaxy far, far away. I'm rocking my lightsaber earrings and sharing photos of my Star Wars themed quilts, which you can also get a peek at over on my Instagram: @bumblybzs

This was my second year participating in the Instagram #maythe4thmqs2 mini quilt swap and it was fun creating a quilt to send off to my partner. I went classic Rebel Alliance with the logo and free-motion quilted in the words. You can read more about this one right here!

Here's the quilt I received as part of the swap - I'm a fan of the locations/travel posters around the web for Star Wars and am enjoying this Dagobah themed quilt:

Last year I went all-in on a pop art-Andy Warhol inspired mini to send to my partner - see this here!

In return I got a BB-8 - what a character!

I'll leave you with the trilogy set I made for Christmas gifts for my Dad & brother & one for me a couple years ago. (Episode IV - Episode V - Episode VI)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Quilt Week

So just like that, Spring Paducah Quilt Week is over and done. This year marked my 7th show!

It's still exciting to meet quilters & see amazing quilts from all around the world.  We host a reception for our members- Friends of the museum- at the start of the week to get the party started. Momm & I even managed to get a photo that night which isn't always the case. We also went to see the Rotary Antique Show and shop a little for fabric.

Tulip Quilt by Kathryn McClintock, 1970 
Tuesday night means the awards ceremony to get first looks at the winners & then sneak preview where E & I explored all of the quilts in the show itself.     
A few things I noticed this year about the show: brighter colors & more modern designs in some of the Japanese quilts, quilts from Brazil, quilts from Spain, a handful of wholecloth designs and lots of great ideas!
The Woman by Kyoko Ochiai, Japan
Anne's Favorite Cherry Tree Road in Avonlea by Mutsuko Shindo & 9 Friends, Japan 
Moonflower by Molly Hamilton-McNally, CA, USA
Wearable Art by Philippa Naylor, UK 
Golden Glow by Mary Ann Van Soest, IN, USA
The Navigator's Star by Aline Bugarin & Natasha Bugarin, Brazil 
  The rest of the week at work I'm kept busy working the shop registers, minding the shop and taking the occasional turn through the galleries to soak in the sight of loads of people admiring the Museum. I did get to meet/see some familiar names including: Shirley Kelly, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Sue Nickels, Pat Durbin & Philippa Naylor - what a joy! Even managed to say hello to our resident superhero: Quilt Man!

A Garden for All Seasons by Victoria Findlay Wolfe- 9' x30' !
 I'll be taking today to chill out & catch up on house things. If you didn't make it to Paducah this past week, never fear! Mark September on your calendars and join us here for Fall Paducah Quilt Week!
Quick selfie with Victoria Findlay Wolfe's quilt

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Snapshot #27

With temps in the 80s and sunny sunshine outside, it was easy to get my bike out for the first ride of the year. Simply gorgeous out on the greenway trail even if it was a tad breezy.

Colored Easter eggs - because you are never too old for that. :) Happy Easter readers. 
I tried a new recipe: Cardamom Lemon rolls which turned out well. It felt a bit like my own baking show challenge since these had to rise twice. I'll make these again- thanks Pinterest! 
Also got a quick walk in this afternoon as the storm clouds rolled in and got to enjoy the dogwoods which are in full bloom here. Hope you had a great weekend too! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Quarter 2 : FAL2017

So this quarter I'm going to (try) and keep things simple, especially since it's typically a busy quarter for me already. A shorter list will help keep me focused and direct my efforts to finishing up a couple of quilts. The trick with this is choosing the right quilts for the short list! :P 
Charm About You

Linking up for the 2nd Quarter Finish Along 2017 at CharmAboutYou.

project: Pineapple Party - picked up backing fabric for this recently so it's ready to baste & quilt

project: Shatterpoint - ready to baste & quilt this one!

project: Radar Wave 270/584 - already basted & ready to quilt

Friday, March 31, 2017

Disco Done!

I managed one singular quilt finish off of my Q1 2017 listy: my disco quilt! It's been a long process with this quilt and I'm pleased with the end result & extra pleased that its ready to snuggle with on the couch for movie night or when its chilly.      
The pattern is Disco by Jaybird Quilts and uses a FQ bundle of Architextures, mixed with several prints from Botanics- both by Carolyn Friedlander.  I pulled a variety of coordinating Aurifil threads and took inspiration from gemstones & jewel facets for the quilting. 

Everything is FMQ, which made it much easier to wrangle the quilt through my machine because it is big! Final measurements: 67" x 78". I matched bobbin thread to the top as well which adds some color to the backing fabric- a Zen Chic Modern Backgrounds print.

For binding, I went with a blue crosshatch print and made bias binding as the pattern suggests to get around the pointed edges. I hand stitched the binding to finish and now all this quilt needs is a good name!

I'm linking up with the Q1 Finish Along over at Charm About You.  Joining in with CrazyMomQuilts for Finish it Friday

Saturday, March 18, 2017

National Quilting Day

Hooray! There's a whole day set aside for Quilting - how great is that? This year I have to be at work facilitating one of our multi-day workshops, so I won't have time to sew on my own projects until tonight. Never fear though - this workshop is taught by Sue Nickels so I'm soaking in all the quilty vibes until I get home.

What am I currently working on you ask?

Well, I recently finished my #maythe4thmqs2 Star Wars swap mini quilt. This won't ship until end of April, but I had a grand time putting this together. I scrappy/improv pieced the emblem, then fused it to the background before zig-zag stitching around it & adding quilting.

With Junior Quilters at work (a monthly quilt group for kids ages 10-17) we've been working on a series of Footie quilts. These are named for & inspired by the Footie Collection by Dorris McManis, who challenged herself to make a 12"x12" or Foot x foot quilt every week for a year (she ended up with 78!). I pulled from the variety of techniques and inspirations to direct the Junior Quilters to make 4 footies of their very own!
My samples are shown above and showcase the 4 prompts:
Top Left- Improv strips & hand quilting, in the style of Gee's Bend quilts
Top Right- Embellishment, using a season/holiday/time of year as the focus
Bottom Left- Layers
Bottom Right- Journal Quilt

The students have done a fantastic job interpreting the prompts and stretching their skills & creativity.    

I'm also this -> <- close to finishing the quilting on my Disco quilt. Finally!  It's giant sized, but soon enough I'll be able to trim the sides and figure out binding. Hopefully tonight will see the final quilting stitches in this one - especially since it's on my 2017 Finish Along Q1 list!

How are you enjoying National Quilting Day?