Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ultraviolet Lightning

Well, yesterday was a Good day friends!

Had a fun group of elementary students in for a tour at work, managed a 10 mile bike ride on the greenway trail, stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home because it feels like summer, the Capitals won their first game against Tampa & I made the mini quilt I'm sharing today! So. Good.

Each year when the Pantone Quilt Challenge has been announced, I start thinking how much I wish I had a good idea or plan to make something to enter. I did manage a quilt top for the Marsala challenge (read more about that here), but was excited about the color for this year: Ultraviolet.

It brings to mind black lights & crime shows & light spectrums, but nothing that prompted a quilt design in my brain. Until last night. Seriously - last night, as in the final hours for the challenge. There's nothing like last minute ideas & the threat of a deadline, am I right?!

In anticipation of the Eastern Conference Finals hockey game >Go CAPS!< it finally hit me - a lightning strike! Seeing as it was the Tampa Bay Lightning of course. I searched some storm photos on Google for inspiration, dug through my purple drawer of fabrics and started cutting. It was fun to work fast on this one - it meant I had little time to agonize over the fabrics or my freehand cloud-making skills.

I call it: Lightning Crashes

I free-cut & pieced the background and the clouds and main lightning bolt are fused, raw edge applique. I used my walking foot to make it rain during this storm, then switched to free motion quilting for the rest. Some field-like texture in the black, outlines in the clouds for added stability, swirling clouds at the very top and then outlining the bolt and adding in more lightning tendrils. I used coordinating Aurifil threads #1240, 2535, 2692 & 3840- a variegated purple.

Again, I matched the binding on this mini - that's been a trend for several of my recent minis - which was done fast as the deadline loomed.  I managed some quick photos and posted to Instagram (go follow me there!) so I could link up at No Hats In The House with 10 minutes to spare. whew! It measures 19" x 16.5" and all I need to add is a sleeve so I can hang it up on my wall. 

Certainly a fun challenge and a fast finish for me this week - all told I think this took 4 hours.  I do love it & am happy with how it turned out to be the exclamation point on a Good day!  Linking up with CrazyMomQuilts for Finish It Up Friday as well.

Friday, May 4, 2018


Happy Star Wars Day rebels! Seeing as I had to work today I couldn't be too obvious about it being May the Fourth - so I wore appropriate accessories instead. 

I was happy to hear a couple months ago that @justjoshinkids was hosting a third round of the mini quilt swap for Star Wars this year and I had to sign-up!  Couldn't miss this round after having such fun and seeing so many awesome quilts in the last two versions! Check it out on instagram for more: #maythe4thmqs3

My partner was a fan of Darth Vader and paper piecing so I was happy to find this sweet pattern on Fandom In Stitches. I wanted to make it fun and decided to make him in color for a little pizazz. It came together quickly and was fun to quilt the mask to be most impressive. Even managed to stitch in my bumblebee so he blends in on the front, but is visible on the back!

I also used @quietplay patterns for these coasters. Really thought the tiny pieces would be super tricky, but they were easy to work with and they were quick to piece & quilt. Always a plus with paper piecing! 

My partner loved the quilt and I'm glad it has a happy home!

Here's what I received in the swap - my very own Ewok! A stuffed one and a quilted one.  :)  I love it & can't wait to get it onto my mini quilt wall!  Linking up with CrazyMomQuilts for Finish It Up Friday. Also at Finished or Not Friday.

Hope you enjoyed your day rebels & watch out for tomorrow -> Revenge of the Fifth!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Star Light, Star Bright

I don't think I've shared this one yet - so it's about time I did!

This is a quilt top that I made about 9 years ago (yes you read that right...9 years...) with fat quarters from my stash. I picked up the fabrics here and there because they were bright colored or had a celebration-type theme about them. I used a pattern called Pointless Wonder and had fun cutting and swapping the prints around so that each block is a mixture of fun!

Once complete, the top sat and sat due to a busy schedule and limited ability at finishing quilts at the time. It finally became a finished quilt last Fall and it's been the perfect quilt for snuggling during the colder months.

It was pretty quick to quilt, for all its size, as I got to try out Momm's mid-arm machine. Sweet! Star Bright was a great test quilt for this as it was lower on my priority list, but a good size for experimenting. I took this home over Thanksgiving weekend and managed to get the whole thing quilted in a few days! The machine was fun to play with and smooth in the free-motion quilting. Thanks Momm! :D

I love finishing up UFOs on my list and am happy to be able to snuggle with this quilt!

Monday, March 12, 2018

On My Honor

Happy 106th Birthday Girl Scouts! 

As a lifetime Scout, who earned both the Silver & Gold Award, celebrating Scout anniversaries is second nature. Back in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in Savannah, GA to give girls a place to explore the world around them, learn a variety of skills, & grow into leaders.

In working on a grant proposal for work, I needed to make a sample related to inspirational/influential women and Juliette is my go-to. This was fun to make and pretty quick to pull together.

I used some fusible applique, machine applique, free motion quilting & a pigma pen to write the quote by Juliette. It measures about 18" square and I'm looking forward to running a couple workshops later this year so I can use this one often!

My experience in Scouts was excellent - we sold cookies, earned badges in a variety of subjects/skills, visited Savannah & Juliette Low's house, took Wider Opportunity trip to St. Louis, traveled to Our Chalet in Switzerland, went camping, and had a whole host of other great experiences & adventures that made it so much fun. A large part of that was having an awesome leader (shout out to Momm for making our troop the coolest)! :D

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reindeer Dash

A quick catch-up share today with a mini quilt I made for a Christmas gift. Momm has been eyeing up this geometric reindeer pattern for awhile. Bought the pattern from Quiet Play and started collecting up red scraps on the sly.  ;)

Momm wondered what I was doing with those scraps, but I managed to stay elusive and not give anything away!  Phew. Originally, this was intended to be a birthday gift, but I got behind and it turned into a Christmas gift instead. I know I'm not the only one this happens too!

Quilting this up in ripple circles was a fun choice and really makes the reindeer soar. Momm hung it up on the wall right away so that counts as a gifting-win. Enjoy it Momm!
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Friday, February 9, 2018


My last finish of 2017 was a fun project! I made this quilt for J as a thank you for big computer help. She has a cat, named Bean, who was the perfect inspiration to use for a quilt. I found the Hipster Cat pattern by Shwin & Shwin exactly right for the plan.

To make a more lap sized version, I modified the pattern a little so it would be more proportional. Bean has a stubby tail and bright green-yellow eyes and a little white patch of fur on his chest so it was easy to personalize. The pieces went together quickly with machine applique. I ordered the Maryland flag fabric from Spoonflower to use for the bow tie & put the extra into the backing. 

This went home with me for Christmas where I got to play with Momm's new longarm. :D Quite fun to use and boy - quilts up fast! I did some spiky quilting inside the cat to look like fur, and then some swirls in the background.

This went to J a few weeks ago and she loved it! Isn't that the greatest feeling when gifting a quilt? She was shocked and happily surprised to see it was Bean, and it seems pretty obvious Bean loves it too.  :) 

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Starting Up 2018

Hello hello - seems my break over the holidays turned into an extended silence.  
                 But I'm back baby! 
And ready to share some updates on all the buzz around here.   :)

 Last month kept me pretty busy at work getting our annual School Block Challenge exhibit up in the galleries. It takes a lot of organizing but is always worth the effort - seeing the kids' blocks is inspiring.  

School Block Challenge exhibit prep

This year was the 25th annual Challenge and we had 209 entries & 262 participating students from 20 states! Check out our website for details.

We also had a snow day here in KY - always exciting.  An extra day off meant I started a new quilty project, but can't share it here yet.  It's for the International Mini Quilt Exchange through The Quilt Show. My partner & I decided to make something indicative of where we live so I'm having fun playing with design and quilting. 

This weekend Momm & I hosted our annual #winterquiltretreat at the beach. Views of ever changing Lake Michigan, trips to the hot tub and quilting All Day! We bring whatever we want to work on and have a grand time chatting, laughing, cutting & sewing.

I help Momm make favors for the retreat which we give out at each meal. Here's this year's set: snazzy biscornu pincushion, a clear zip bag, journal, fabric bag & I already ate most of the chocolates.  :) 

We watched a group use fat bikes to ride along the beach - looked like fun, minus the single digit temps and those waves crashing into the beach!

This year I assembled my Quilt Camp Sampler blocks into a quilt top finally - so happy to see this one come together. 

It includes blocks from all 21 projects over the last 7 years I've run Quilt camp. So yes, it's supposed to look a bit chaotic Ha!

Worked on some paper pieced blocks for my Junior Quilters block swap project and can't wait to give them out to my kids. Using the Tall Tales pattern which is fairly quick to piece.  It's got me wanting to make a whole library of these blocks!

Looking forward to sharing more of this as it comes together, but it's a slow process so be patient.