Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monthiversary sounds so middle school

Time sure goes by quickly when you look back on it.  Today marks the one month mark of being in KY dear reader - can you believe it?  It's been a busy several months leading up to the move and then settling in here post-move.  Lots of official things need to be dealt with when uprooting and transplanting elsewhere. I'm fairly certain that I've figured all of the major ones out by this point and can start bringing the fun stuff forward again!

Part of the checklist went as follows:
New job? Check.
Place to live? Check.
Find a new bank? Check.
Obtain KY plates before MD's expire? Check!
Get driver's license? Check.

So now it's official and I'm a resident of the state of Kentucky through & through.

These of course, were the major changes that had to be accomplished.  I told myself I would first check off all the important things before getting a library card.  Mostly because that was the fun change and the aforementioned items were high priority.  As I was getting antsy for some new books to read, I spent a couple evenings haunting the bookstore to read & re-read some books.  :o)  As of this week however, I now own a library card and can check out books and movies to my heart's content.  Ya'll will be delighted to hear that the library card is hot pink by default.  I guess this is so I can't misplace it in my wallet/purse.  How fun!
first books checked out in KY
Becky's night in
The other weekend I went out to rent a movie and just relax.  Redbox is in the Walmart here and I think this might be the most interesting combo of items purchased in one night that I can recall at the moment.

Obviously, one can never go into the store 'just for milk.'  I ended up getting "The Lightning Thief," which I had seen in theaters with some awesome girls!  It was good the 2nd time around as well and makes me want to re-read the books.

There's more updates to come so stay tuned!

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