Friday, September 17, 2010

Working in the City

"It's been a hard days night, I should be sleeping like a log" - the Beatles
The last couple of weeks have been work-heavy and super busy with events and the first event I planned and ran and survived.  After Labor Day I was busy preparing things for the Super City - Quilt City event.  

This is a joint effort between the museum and Metropolis, IL - the home of Superman!  Metropolis is just across the river and both places host some quilt activities, speakers, etc.  I had some hands-on demos to monitor and oversee - bow tie blocks, yo-yos and some local artists showing their own stuffs.  It wasn't too overwhelming which was good, just a normal day at work.  Except it was a Saturday but that didn't really register as odd once I was actually working.  I did get to see what they have on the Metropolis side as I went over with my boss so I could meet some people and see how they set up their quilt show & vendors and such.  It was a nice set up and decent turnout as well.

Saturday night I went to see the Paducah Symphony orchestra for their opening concert of the year.  They have a new conductor - Raffaele Ponti - and he was amazing!  He was very expressive with his conducting and had plenty of energy and excitement for the night.  I wanted to get up and play for Ponti - he was that inspiring to watch!  Reminded me of Dr. Naylor and how much fun he made the ensemble.

Sunday I had a pleasant morning going to Mass, sitting outside, and talking to both Liz & Chrissy! Hooray for phone calls and good friends!  I only needed to be at work for a few hours in the afternoon which went by quickly as we helped several people baste their quilts. 

This past week I spent with most of my focus on the Educator's Reception which was my first actual planned event.  Eep!  We invite local teachers/educators to the museum to see what activities we offer and provide for school groups.  Tours and hands-on things to help reinforce their curriculum points and expose the kids to creativity & art.  I had plenty of awesome helpers and the night went very well.  Had a good turnout and talked to lots of people about the possibilities open to their students.  Hopefully we'll get a great response for tours & field trips this year!

Now I've got a little bit of breather before the workshop this coming week, events on Saturday.  However, I'm also looking forward to this week as it is BBQ on the River!  Apparently tons of people come in to cook BBQ for several days and there's music and good times and no parking and lots of fun.  Should be tasty and exciting! BBQ on the river

So I've survived my first official events and duties and am glad to have those under the belt.  I'll be able to work more with what we have to develop some more projects and activities with more understanding of what is available.  I've also been feeling more settled in town and more knowledgeable about where things are and have ventured into some more shops and areas to see what's nearby!

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