Friday, September 10, 2010

We Are Family!

The much anticipated looong Labor Day weekend lived up to the hype!  Awesome.

M&D came to visit and when I got off work they were waiting at my place.  I took them out to the 'local' favorite - Flamingo Row for dinner and we had a fun night in watching one of my favorite Psych episodes - "The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable." 

hummingbird dive bomb!
Saturday we shopped for washing machines and worked around the house for a while.  Mom brought me a hummingbird feeder that we set up out on the balcony.  Instantly, I had several hummingbirds coming in for a quick refueling.  They are such fun to watch as they flit * zipp around the feeder but I discovered that they are pretty territorial.  Only one can sit at time otherwise they'll dive bomb each other which is entertaining because when they do, their wings sound like lightsabers!

4 hummingbirds at once

Mom & I worked on emptying boxes and sorting through some more of my schtuff and really whittled it down.  Major shout out to Momm for the help!  Now I have some more space to play and can find things a lot easier!  Meanwhile, Dad was fixing & re-gluing my dining chairs so that they aren't wobbly. Obviously, I get my fix-it gene from Dad. M&D also brought down a dryer & installed it so now I do laundry without a supply of quarters in my pocket.  Sweet!

Sunday we got to play and traipsed out to Land Between the Lakes for some biking.  Such fun to be out on a trail and biking through the sunshine - though it was a little more hilly than what I usually did at home so I'll have to work on that.
I'm looking forward to getting back out there! We also had a cheesecake-champagne toast for the new apartment. I got to pop the cork off the deck as per tradition so that was fun too.  We watched Tomb Raider (which hadn't seen before) and I really enjoyed it. Interesting story and great adventure. 

All of this and still Monday to come! More play time and family fun that continued through to Tuesday morning for a stop at the river before I headed to work and M&D headed home.  

Such a great weekend that will have to last me through the rest of the month as I will be working some weekends for events and things.



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  1. Great hummingbird photos! We had a great time visiting. It was so nice to be the guest and have you take care of us. Love you. M&D