Saturday, September 18, 2010

local haunts

Brace yourselves dear reader.  What I am about to post is highly suspect of creating feelings of awe & jealousy!

Right here in Paducah, KY is a brand-spanking-new Panera Bread.  Some of  you know how much I enjoy Panera and can imagine the many happy sighs of having one that's nearby.  This however, is not your run-of-the-mill Panera - no sir!  For starters, it has a Drive-Thru.  Yes, dear reader, a drive-thru Panera! In case you doubt the amazingness of this concept - behold:
1st Panera drive-thru sighting

I'd been waiting to write about this until after I'd been through the drive-thru.  An early morning, overcast with a slight drizzle and cool temps had me pulling through for a hot chocolate without a need to ever leave the car!  I've never seen a Panera like this before and am kind of amazed there aren't more of them around.  

Walking in to place a dine-in order is also somewhat mind boggling as it was the most high-tech Panera I've seen so far.  After placing my order at the register, I was handed a square pager usually reserved for crowded restaurant waiting lines.  I was able to find a seat, get a drink and wait for the pager to vibrate & light up indicating my order was ready at the counter for pick-up.  Crazy. 

Seeing as I drive-by to-and-from work each day, it's tempting to just pull in, or thru!, and grab a quick snack. So far, so good and I can't wait for some more brisk fallish weather to inspire more hot chocolate moments in the future.  :o)

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