Sunday, July 28, 2019

Pineapple Surprise!

EEEEEEEE! You guys check out this awesome quilt! My momm made this for me & brought it with her when she came for Spring Quilt Show and WOW was I surprised! I had no idea this was coming my way and I absolutely LOVE it. :D  Thanks Momm!

Back in early March, Momm texted me this picture asking what I thought about her fabric pull for a new project. This, dear reader, was not an unusual question as we consult and brainstorm quilt ideas constantly! I replied that they were very summery & looked good, then promptly forgot about it. 

Momm says it was really hard to keep as a surprise since we quilty talk all the time, but she managed it really super well. Of course, keeping it under wraps meant it couldn't be shared online anywhere either, which can be tricky to do in general. 

After picking her up at the airport for her visit, Momm presented the quilt to me and I was gobsmacked. It's the first quilt someone has made for me, just because. I had to take it into work and show & tell to my coworkers (also not unusual as I work at a Quilt Museum). One asked if I was actually going to use it - the answer is of course! It went onto my bed immediately and it's been there ever since so far.

Pineapples are my favorite fruit to eat. I also love them, because I watched the TV show Psych where they had pineapple in every episode. It was a fun thing for me & friends to spot it each week and now we look for pineapples in real life too. So this is the perfect design! :) 

Momm did take progress pix with all these fun HSTs and trimmings to show me afterwards. She also managed to make it all from her stash - well done Momms! We took the quilt around town for a photo shoot and had fun popping into a local restaurant for some pix with their island-style decor. 
Thanks again Momm for such a cool quilt. Love you lots!