Friday, August 20, 2010

Numero Dos

Tonight marks the end of week 2 and I'd like to state for the record: T G I F like whoa!  

Starting a new job had it's own set of pitfalls and frustrations that linger for the first several weeks.  I spent the first few days working with the summer intern & Curator to prep & hang the new exhibit which was, in a word, fantastic!  I had some time to learn my way around the office and acquaint myself with the layout of the museum. This was stage 1 of the new job - where I didn't have email or specific things to do quite yet.  
  Stages 2-5 came quickly after as I hit the ground running with managing workshops (and the obligatory snafus), staff meetings, shopping trips, learning names and rearranging the desk.  Also, I now have email so I can really get into contacting people regarding workshop registrations and event planning.

  This week I have been hopping like crazy to be introduced to all sorts of co-workers, volunteers, workshop participants and board members.  I've been earning my stripes in how to run a workshop from name tag creation to snack carts to fielding questions about the shop, all while watching the participants create beautiful projects.  Today in particular was a back 'n forth, up 'n down the hall kind of day as I am in the transitions from learning to fully-responsible.

   It seems as though I'll be busy all the time with the upcoming events & learning the ropes.  On the flip side, that means I'll be working some longer days & Saturdays too.  Hopefully I won't have to give up all my Saturdays because that would be tragic! All in all, I am enjoying the job and the museum and the people immensely and am looking forward to being a part of the museum!

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