Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"you can always go - downtown"

Downtown on a Saturday night is where you want to be in Paducah.  During the summer, every Saturday after 6pm is part of the 'Downtown after Dinner.'  Several of the main streets close down and street performers move in with live music, chalk drawings, clog dancers and more.  Shops stay open and each week seems to have some variety of kids events, concerts, etc.

Sunset on the river

It's nice to just sit by the river and watch the boats or barges travel back & forth.  Usually there's a nice breeze as well and people are out with binoculars, picnic dinners & walking the dogs.  Two older gentlemen sat in front of me with loaves of bread and were feeding the birds!  It was really cute to watch them just talk and sit and toss bread pieces.
chocolate w/pineapple - mmmm!

 This week I stopped into the local ice cream factory where the line was almost out the door! It's like a Cold Stone in that they have the cold slab for adding mix-ins, but they have their own names for the ice cream sundaes which include: '37 flood, hog heaven, banana towboat, patchwork & chief paduke parfait.  I went simple to start as I'm sure to visit again (and again...).    :o)

Living statue perfomer

Alongside the balloon animal maker and a local band was this street performer.  She was really good at staying on the bucket and holding her poses. Every once in a while she would release, stretch and re-pose - it was great fun to watch!

I've only been to 2 of these so far but they are fun and enjoyable.  It runs through Labor Day so I'm hoping to catch the next few before the summer ends.

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