Friday, August 20, 2010

Around Town

So far the explorations of Paducah have been limited to grocery shopping @ Wal Mart, driving to & from work and walking around the neighborhood.
 Major accomplishments around the house include hanging up clothes in my wonderful walk-in closet.  While useful and satisfying in a settled-in way, this is hardly enough to excite anyone other than myself so I'll continue onto the the fun parts!

As the museum is close to the Ohio & Tennessee Rivers, I can eat lunch outside at picnic table and watch the barges & boats.  This week the butterflies have also been out and about, dancing through the flowers as I eat.  :o)
Lunchbreak view - Across the river is IL

With several of the passing rain showers, I've already seen a gorgeous full rainbow across the water. Sadly, I couldn't get a complete shot of it.

Before the summer intern left, we went out to Flamingo Row which is where the locals go to eat. I'm all ready blending in!
Flamingo Row Restaurant

  It was sort of like a Cheeseburger in Paradise, but better - due to the name alone!  Each menu item has a fun name - I tried the Sunset Pier #12. 

And lastly for now, but most decidedly not the least is a billboard that pretty much sums it up. Snaps - this one's for you!

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