Friday, August 20, 2010

KY vs. MD :: Round 1

 First of all, let's state the obvious: West KY is in a different time zone from East Coast America.  Which makes it (almost) never too late to for friends to call me. *hinthint*  I'm sure one I hook up the cable that I'll be missing all my favorite shows by an hour until I figure it out!

Now for the not so obvious: People here run red lights like crazy!  
I was certainly not expecting this to be part of the KY atmosphere really.  Sure, I've seen it happen a hundred times and have come close to doing it myself on occasion. Out here, it's more noticeable & every time I sit in my car and think, what an idiot!

Mind you, this isn't limited to a light that is yellow and turns red as the car or two goes through the intersection. Oh no.  This is watching a car squeak through that yellow/red light and then watching the next 2-3 cars drive on through the red without so much as tapping on their brakes.  It's a bit nerve wracking to watch & you better believe that I will be checking those intersections before jumping at the next green light!

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