Saturday, August 21, 2010


I've done a bit of exploring during the weekends and scouting out what's around in the entertainment department.

 Last weekend I went to the woman's roller derby bout!  One of my coworkers' daughter-in-law-to-be is on the team and so I went to help cheer her on and experience the derby for the first time.  On the way, all I could think about was the Psych episode "Talk Derby to Me" - which was entertaining because that wasn't quite what happened at the bout - no detective work necessary except to add up the points from each jam.  My team was the Radioactive City Atomics!

The Atomics are in black & green

 This was the 'idiot's guide' to the world of roller derby.  Here the girls hold up signs that point out the key players.  I won't try to explain the working of scoring points as it is hard to understand without seeing it in action. 

Track side seating on the floor for the super-fans!  Several skaters did crash into them but I guess that's part of the thrill.


 Derby in action! Fast paced, quick skating & chaotic at times to keep track of what was going on in each jam.

Lots of refs are needed to pay attention to every detail, but my favorite was 'M.C. Ninja' - just in time for a Night of Stealth & Elegance back in VA!

Sadly, our team lost to the Vette City Vixens but the bout was still exciting.  I will definitely go again - but only as a spectator!

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