Friday, August 27, 2010

Sun in the morning and the Moon at night

sunbeams through a halo of cloud

In time dear reader, you'll discover that I can't resist snapping pictures of the clouds. I love capturing the colors of the sunset, stormy weather, or any great play of sun & cloud.  With just a normal camera it's difficult to take in the entire sky and so it's become an unceasing thrill to try and catch the moment just right - too early and it's only a normal sky, too late and there's no color left to kiss the clouds.  

Today I stuck to snapping shots of the morning sun across the river and the awesome moon from the other night. I can already tell I'll be hooked on pictures of the river as well the more I explore around the area and find good vantage points.  
3 barges crossing paths

I noticed the orange glow of the almost full moon while coming home from the store and was in awe of the color and size in the sky.  I spent some time chasing the moon from parking lots and sidewalks and ended up with several good shots even without a super-zoom on my camera.
"someone handed me the moon today"

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