Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP :: 2/29/212

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedHappy Leap Day! How exciting to have an extra day in the year.  Also exciting because Psych starts again tonight with a longer episode special for Leap day.  :)  And on another TV note, White Collar ended the season last night with a really good (and slightly shocking) cliff hanger.  Neal finally hopped a plane, leaving us with questions about his past & certainly his future dealings with the FBI. Ack! 

Which brings us to the WIP listing for the week & leaping (get it?) up at Lee's!

Sparkle QAL - basted & ready to quilt. 

Pineapple - Finished!  Just needs a sleeve & a label & a wall to display it. I cross-hatched in the pineapple and did a meander in the border space. The greens are raw-edge appliqued. 

detail of quilting

in progress
Swoon - I widened the sashing by a 1/2" and will add a larger border all the way around so it drapes over the bed a bit. 

no progress
Star dots

in the pile
-Summer Sampler
-GS Quilt
-Hawaiian applique block

-Sunflower applique

There are signs of Spring popping up here - trees budding, daffodils blooming, some trees blooming too. Warmer weather (up to 68 today) and windows open.  I love Spring and always like to see it slowly creep up on you until suddenly wham! here it is.  It's pleasant listening to the neighbors' wind chimes with the windows open.  At work we're really gearing up for April and Quilt Week.  It's going to be an awesome year for the Museum during Show this year - we can feel it.  :)

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