Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sew sew sew

Another awesome quilt retreat this past weekend!  It's nice to hang out with my quilty friends in IL and with momm and be inspired by all the great projects everyone brings.  The only guild around here meets during the day so I like having a weekend to be around other quilters and talk shop.  It also doesn't hurt that we get away to a nice resort where there's a great view of Lake Michigan (we were even able to see the skyline of Chicago on the horizon!), meals are prepared for you, comfy beds you don't have to make yourself and lots of good fun.  

All those mug rugs I made were used as favors on Friday night - everybody got one to take home.  I was sad to see a couple of them find new homes, but I can make more.  Each meal comes with a favor planned by momm so we not only go home with completed projects, but also a fun little tool or goody as well.  Mini fabric fortune cookies, a tea cup saucer pin plate, chocolate (of course), cool little key fobs and more!

It was cold and there was a thin layer of snow on the ground, but we got to stay nice & cozy inside sewing away.  The best part was being able to sew all weekend - with no interruptions except when it was time to eat!  This year there were a couple other events/meetings going on at the resort too.  Friday was a murder mystery dinner party and Saturday was a 12 hour paranormal event.  We weren't quite sure what that was all about, but I was hoping to see flashing lights outside!  Instead, C & I entertained ourselves with the Ghostbusters theme song & some great ideas of what would be paranormal about the evening.  

I worked like crazy to get my Swoon blocks together and ended up with 7 out of 9 finished!  hooray!  I have #8 ready to piece together and then have to cut out #9.  I have to double up 1 fabric and wasn't sure which one at first.  It was easy to fall into a rhythm while piecing these together and didn't have to rip much out.  Just a couple seams when I sewed on the wrong side - easily fixed. Once the blocks are finished, I can sash them and then see how much of a border to give 'em so that it fits my bed nicely.  Can't wait!

I also put together a mini quilt to hang in my sewing room.  It was inspired by In Color Order's giant Vintage Star quilt, but mine is scaled down to 6.5" HSTs.  I used all dot fabrics that I collected in Houston and from my stash.  Even the white has dots!  I'm thinking a black & white binding - perhaps a small stripe just to off set it.  

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  1. These colors are so you. I loved watching them come together. Had fun quilting away the weekend with you. Thanks for coming B.