Wednesday, February 22, 2012

round up

Happy Lent!  today is Ash Wednesday and this year I went to morning Mass before work, instead of in the evening. Usually there's someone ready with a wisecrack about having stuff on my face, but not this year!  Oh no.  This year I had several people at work ask me what happened? what did I do? did I bash my head on the steering wheel of my car? smudge printer toner all over myself?  (no joke!) and they were worried until I explained that it was Ash Wednesday.......and then they got it.  I'm glad they cared enough to worry/ask but it also made me laugh!   :)   [welcome to the Bible belt]  

 I had a great time Saturday with the Girl Scout event at work. The girls make 12-patch blocks with 5" squares and then sew 4 of those blocks together to make a quilt top.  They pillow-turn & tie the quilts & label them and then donate them to a local charity for newborns/babies.  It's always fun and always a bit chaotic with 20-30 girls on 10 sewing machines.  I'm so thankful for my volunteers!  All of the groups got their tops finished, or enough to finish at home and took 7 quilts with them to donate.  Hooray!

A couple years ago I did the photo365 project - taking a photo a day for 1 year as a way to document life.  It was a lot of fun and I managed to actually get a picture for just about everyday - there's only 1-2 holes in my year.  I've wanted to put the photos into a book somehow and just hadn't figured out the details. Until now.  A few weeks ago I spent the weekend arranging my photos into a layout through My Publisher (which I've used before) and working to get the pix from my phone to the computer. I've got them all laid out now and want to go back and check them all for fine tuning before ordering the book. I managed to have pages for each month that record each days photo - what it is/why i took it.  I really wanted to have both elements in my final book and am glad to have it come together.

On a different topic, I have the Just Dance games 1&2 for the Wii and love pulling those out after work to get moving. This week I discovered where the games are located at the library and checked out the Michael Jackson dance experience.  Wow! so fun to play just on my own & I would love to have a 2nd player just to see how it looks with both.  I tried out a couple tracks and admit I need to work on my dance moves. ;)  I have yet to try Thriller and may need to work up to it.  Most of the tracks you can dance as MJ or as the other main dancer depending on difficulty level.  Thriller however, lists hard or inhuman! ha.  Good thing no one can see into my living room.

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