Tuesday, August 9, 2011

un ano en la vida

Today's the day dear readers!  Today is my 1 year mark here in Paducah - can you believe it?!  There's a small part of me that feels like it popped up out of nowhere on me, but it's been a good year all around.  New friends, new city, new job, a friends' wedding, lots of quilting, sorting out my own apartment, exploring new places - it's been a year full of good adventures and local flavor!

 It'll be fun to know what's coming up at work now that I've experienced the events and projects over the year and start to branch out a bit with ideas and programs.  It'll also be good to keep venturing out to various places in the area and explore some more. (Maybe even get some friends to visit out here this year *hinthint*)

Highs:: i really love my job; i am closer to M&D to visit; getting to explore a different area

Lows:: it's far away from good friends; missing out on being part of the wedding planning of said good friends

I've celebrated with some ice cream at the newly opened Cold Stone (yumm), dinner & a movie with friends and the knowledge all day at work that today was my day - here's to the first year and the one to come!

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