Wednesday, August 24, 2011

work in progress

Greetings dear readers!  
   Here's an in-progress shot of my current quilt project and a story:

This is made from purple, pink, orange, yellow & teal fabrics that I had collected at quilt shows and it stayed all pretty & stacked in a box until I found the right project for it.  It uses the Yellow Brick Road pattern and some pre-printed panels with various Psalm verses on it.  The backing is a purple print - her favorite color and the border is pink with a teal binding.  I thought the colors and the Psalms would make a great quilt for my friend - runs with scissors - who is always cold!  After piecing the top together in January I thought I'd have enough time to finish it for her birthday in August as a surprise. 

The surprise was on me however, because I ended up switching jobs and moved several states away! So the quilt had to be packed up unfinished. :(  I had the quilt basted and partially quilted before I moved, but once I settled in & pulled it back out I decided I didn't like the quilting anymore and ripped. it. all. out.   

   The quilt sat, basted & ready to go *again* waiting for the right quilt pattern and time to work on it. Meanwhile, said friend went & got engaged (yay!) and the fact that I will see her next month gave me a deadline to get this finished.   It's quilted with meandering peacock-like feathers, loose threads are tied off, binding made & attached.  

Now all I need to do is trim the extra, finish the binding off by hand and create a label then pack it up and hand deliver it.  Did I say that's all?   It will end up being more of a wedding gift than a birthday gift but eventually make it's way home.  I hope the groom-to-be likes purple & pink! 

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