Sunday, April 15, 2012

100 years later

Apparently this is the year of anniversaries  - who knew back in 1912 that we'd be celebrating so many things 100 years later?!

This year Oreo cookies turned 100 - yummy goodness! Just as much fun eating them dipped in milk, or twisted to get to the creme filling.  Especially tasty when eating a Double Stuff or colored creme - like orange for Halloween or pastel Easter colors.

In 1912, down in Savannah, GA Juliette Low founded Girl Scouts!  As previously mentioned, I had some GS in at work to make some fun celebratory crafts.  It also makes me think of my days in scouting: friendship circles, camping, earning badges, selling (& eating!) cookies, learning lots about everything & the fun trips we took over the years.  Go Girl Scouts!

Today we also mark the anniversary of the Titanic disaster.  There have been all sorts of news articles popping up about the Titanic: one of the most interesting I found was a commemorative cruise that left on April 8th. The ship is retracing the course of Titanic, will go by the site of its' sinking and is recreating food & entertainment from the original voyage.  Kind of eerie, kind of cool - smooth sailing to all! And of course the re-release of the movie in 3D - good times.

I also learned it's the 100th celebration of the planting of the Cherry Blossom trees in DC. The trees were gifts to the US from Japan as signs of goodwill between the countries and are just gorgeous!  When you can catch it right on a weekend when the trees are in full bloom it's wonderful.

We also celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the writing of our National Anthem: the Star Spangled Banner, by Francis Scott Key.  As a youngster visiting the American History Museum I remember seeing the flag hanging in the entryway - all awe-inspiring & patriotic.  Then, they took the flag down for repairs and preservation work and we walked by the glass hoping to see them in action.  Afters years of this, the Museum was renovated and the repairs finally complete.  The exhibit with the flag now is awesome and very well done.  I'm sure it will be a popular stop this summer!

What a varied array of anniversaries to commemorate!  In the high-speed pace of today, what will it be this year that will endure to have its' 100th anniversary celebrated in 2112?

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  1. War of 1812 is 200 years in the rearview mirror too!

    Here in B'more, we are very fond of this anniversary since it's practically "our war".