Wednesday, May 2, 2012

quilt show 2.0

Whew!  I've made it through my 2nd Paducah quilt show.  Even though I worked 7 days straight it was awesome!  It's taken the last few days to sort of get back to normal - or at least feel like doing anything in the evenings.

The show itself runs Wed. - Sat., but we are prepped & start events Monday so it's a full week for us.  This year was nice because I got to do more than just Admissions.  I helped in the Shop, registers, general breaks & extra hands for whatever came up.

I get to attend the awards ceremony and the School Block winner came this year - she was so excited & the whole family was impressed.  It was fun to see her enthusiasm for accepting her award!  I also get to attend the Sneak Preview of the quilts  which is my only chance to actually see the show.  As always at a quilt show - the quilts were amazing!  The winners were spectacular and there's so much talent & inspiration.

the early morning line
Momm came down to visit & have fun at the show while I worked.  It was fun to have someone else to talk quilting with and relax with at the end of the day.  :)

the fabric (& me!)

Friday morning was the Fabric Flurry.  160+ bolts of fabric cut into 1/2 yards, 300 quilters ready to grab fabric and a good time by all!

We even got to help put the Purchase Award quilts up in the gallery on Sat. night.  Once the show is over, we get to keep the winning quilts if the quilter takes the monetary prize.  So there are new quilts to marvel at when I need a break from my desk.  It also means I have to learn their names [quilt & quilt maker] for future tours!

It was a long week and Sunday afternoon I took a nap, sat around all afternoon watching episodes of 'Who do you think you are?' and reading.  Very nice, but not enough time to recoup completely.  I have a workshop this week and am looking forward to a day off soon.  

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