Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP :: 3/21/12

I won't have time this week to sew due to the Sue Nickels workshop that starts tomorrow.  I'll be at work early and leaving late and by Saturday night won't want to do more than veg out once home.  Though it'll be great to see what the students create in class.  Plus, we are full of tours the next few weeks; Friday alone will see 150+ kids coming through!  Then next week is my birthday!  So there will be fabric shopping for sure.  :)

-Christmas quilt- the top is finished!  I spent a bit of time deciding on layout for this quilt while trying not to spend a lot of time of deciding layout.  :P  I'll border it & use it as some quilt design practice.

in progress
-X & + blocks - I had a happy package sitting on my doorstep earlier this week containing my 10 swap blocks!  Thanks for everyone who made such awesome blocks!
They look so good and I want to keep making blocks.  Hopefully the swap over on flickr will repeat later so I can get enough for a wall quilt of these lovelies.

no progress
-Star dots

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced-Summer Sampler  <-- next in line!

in the pile
-GS Quilt
-Hawaiian applique block

-Sunflower applique

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  1. I just has to stop in and see your x blocks.
    Aren't they fun!

    Happy Sewing

  2. I recognize one of those blocks, he he!!