Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP :: 3/14/12

Welcome Spring!  Or maybe even early Summer this week.  The pear trees are all blooming, I can walk out in the morning without a coat, it's sunny until 7pm & I have the ceiling fan on. [good thing i dusted over the weekend.]  This also means it's school tour time at work since the end of the year is approaching.  Of course, we end up with groups that all schedule on the same day, which can get a little chaotic.  

Since last time, I had my Junior Quilters in and we are continuing to work on their projects. It's always exciting to see them come together and to see how 10 girls can make the same quilt, but have it look completely different based on their fabric choices.  We also finished up the GS series and those quilts turned out super nice!  I hope the girls had fun making them.  

Sparks on the wall
Anyways, on with the show:

Sparkle QAL quilt - all crinkly & hanging in the entryway. 

Pineapple - Finished! I just have to hang it up on the wall now that it has a sleeve.

swoon top
Swoon - the top is complete! I'm working out how I'll piece the backing & what fabrics I might need to buy.  I want to use various shades of solids in the blues & greens from the front.

Christmas quilt - with all the finishes I got itchy to start cutting & piecing a new project.  eep!  I've had a Moda layer cake of a Christmas/wintry line Merry & Bright for a couple years now.  I bought it at my first Houston show and finally decided I needed to make it into a quilt.  I've got these blocks all cut & pieced in just 2 nights so they are ready to square up.  My plan, dear reader, is to have it finished for this Christmas since I'm starting so early.  :)

new blocks

no progress
Star dots  <--still need fabric for backing & binding. I have gift cards to Hancock's of Paducah though so it might be time to cash in on some of that.  I can certainly stop in & browse.  

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced-Summer Sampler  <-- next in line!

in the pile
-GS Quilt
-Hawaiian applique block

-Sunflower applique

So that's the last couple weeks over here dear readers.  Maybe all this sunshine & warm weather has helped keep me motivated.  Maybe too the episode catch ups I watch while piecing helped too.  ;)  It's been BTVS & Gidget the TV series here this week.  (yes I know that's a strange combo).  What do you watch/listen to while quilting?  linking up.

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