Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Dabbles

And so dear reader I have recovered from the lack of sleep caused by the awesomeness that is Harry Potter.  I even managed to function quite normally at work on Friday until about 3 o'clock when my brain started to shut down.  the movie was fantastic and I definitely want to see it again! That afternoon I received a letter by owl (via the USPS mailman...) from SM that held some much needed Harry Potter preparation. Thanks friend!

It was fun this time to go with a friend, as I went solo to number 6.  It's much easier to keep yourself awake when there's someone else to help you!  Lucy & I watched Bones (so now I'm all caught up) and hung out until we had to head to the theater.  I was surprised to see a lack of costumes, but as we were fairly early, perhaps I missed them.  however, there was a guy dressed in black with a cape, with an actual broom and goggles  - obviously a Quidditch player.  Lots of stuffed Hedwigs, house scarves and then a girl in a pink bunny costume - we couldn't figure that one out.

It was great to sleep in on Saturday and enjoy the weekend.  I hit the library to pickup the 2 books I had on reserve.  I also got out a stack of books I'm sure I won't finish before they're due, but I couldn't resist.  I cleaned and savored the beautiful fall weather and colored leaves.  This past week was really great what with the hype for HP7. In addition to that, I received a letter from Sr. Ann Catherine *hooray!*, successfully taught another hands-on to school groups and tried some new recipes.  I've made stir-fry for dinner in the wok Mom brought down for me and it was so good.  Then, I made chocolate and chocolate-cherry pastry - delicious!  I also tried to make fudge but it didn't set right.  So now I'll have to make brownies or a cake and top them with fudgey goodness. (such a chore...)  ;)  While relaxing and clearing up clean clothes I caught up on Glee, Psych & How I Met Your Mother - which were all very entertaining.
chocolate pastry - yumm!

After all of this, I managed to put a label on a baby quilt I made for my cousin and get it ready to ship out.  I meant to mail it earlier in the week but wasn't coordinated enough for that.  Apparently, no one needs to mail anything after noon on Saturdays, because that's when the only post office open on weekends, closes.  Sigh.  Here's what the quilt looks like, and we sent it with a Curious George & Dr. Seuss book for baby Matthew to enjoy.

'Fishing Star'

 Hope your weekends were just as wonderful as mine! 

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