Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan OMG project

I was Ecstatic to go see the new Star Wars for free (read more here!) with a couple of my coworkers and want to say thank you to them both. As these are thank yous, I don't want to drag out the gifting so I'm planning to make them this weekend.

Decided to make some small bags from my stash fabrics for the gifts. I'm still choosing fabrics for the bags, but I'll be making a lined drawstring bag like this for at least one, if not both, of them. It'll be fun choosing fabrics to go with their personalities!

I'll be linking up for the inaugural One Monthly Goal at Red Letter Quilts.  Thx momm for the heads up on this new link-up/blog! 


  1. We were pretty excited to see Star Wars too, and loved it! Have fun making bags and thank you for linking up!

  2. Nice bag and have fun choosing the fabrics.