Monday, December 7, 2015

trimming the tree

I put my ornaments up on the tree this weekend - starting of course with the newest additions from this year which include:

A small Gullah basket, Ft. Sumter pin & USS Yorktown pin from Charleston, a pin from the Sisters quilt show, a keychain bison from visiting the elk & bison prairie at LBL over the summer and a few DC pieces from Arlington Nat'l Cemetery and Fords Theater. 

 It's always fun to decorate the tree and remember where each one came from and the memories attached!

While it's been in the mid 50s this weekend and doesn't feel like December at. all., I woke up Saturday morning realizing I had 2 weeks to finish up some Christmas gift-quilts.  Eeep! Naturally, finishing these gifts were my first thought for my December goal at A Lovely Year of Finishes at Fiber of All Sorts so I'll leave you with this picture, from the last post, as there are some surprise elements at play here.

Luckily they aren't too big in size, so putting the finishing touches on them shouldn't be difficult. This elf better get to work! What sort of homemade gifts are you finishing this month?

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  1. Your Star Wars quilt is fantastic; the use of fabric really makes it neat! Making ornaments from trip souvenirs is a great idea. We put our little mementos in an old printer's type box hanging on the wall, but it's getting full. I'm buying the gifts this year since I recently had a baby. Besides, I usually save handmade items for baby showers, and give them their Amazon picks for Christmas.