Monday, April 7, 2014

Second Quarter Face Off

Finish Along 2014Quarter 2 of the Finish-a-Long is about to begin so of course I have an overly ambitious list of projects to finish.   :D  A couple have slid from Q1 to this list, but I'm okay with that - it helps remind me to work on them when I have a chance.

1. Pure Seaglass *aka Swoon*:  from Q1, currently half quilted and I've got some Netflix ready for the rest of the quilting.

2. Improv Quilt: also from Q1, still just a top that needs backing, basting and some idea of what it needs in quilting.

3. Napkins: I found this Kate Spain Honey Honey fabric on sale at Hancock's recently and decided it had to be napkins for my table.  I've got 2 made, and about 6 to go at the moment.  

4. Get a Clue #1: At retreat I made 2 quilt tops using my Nancy Drew layer cake.  One is intended to be a gift, so I better get cracking on this one.
#1 - Nancy Drew

5. Get a clue #2: This one is for me and I'm planning to quilt both of these the same way so I need to make some backings.
#2- Nancy Drew
*please excuse the slightly blurry shots!

6. Twister: A wall quilt top from Retreat that needs to be basted and quilted. (apparently I don't have a picture handy of the finished top)

Well all of that ought to keep me out of trouble over the next few months.  This is my hardest quarter of the year as I have much to do with Quilt Week and Quilt Camp bookending the quarter.  Be sure to make your list of projects to finish and link up with us at Littlest Thistle!

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