Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshot #21

My birthday is later this week (yay!) and I think that helped put me in a baking mood this weekend.  I was determined to make cupcakes and even picked up several books from the library about cupcakes on Friday.  

After grabbing all of my ingredients, I realized I was keeping it classy & following Julia's example in the kitchen with my pearls and had to snap this selfie.

I already had some in mind to make though - recipes from the Cupcake Mystery book series by Jenn McKinlay.  These are such fun reads and the cupcakes always sounds delicious!  So I found the recipes at the back of the book, and made the Blonde Bombshell (almond cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting) and Death by Chocolate (chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and dark chocolate ganache frosting).

While they took some time to create, they turned out well and taste really good.  I'll be taking these into work tomorrow to celebrate a co-workers birthday (and start my birthday celebrations!) and also to my small group tomorrow night.  That's the only way I can get away with making 4 dozen cupcakes and not eat them all.  :)

Hope you've had a delicious Sunday too!

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