Thursday, October 31, 2013

improv free style

Hey readers!
starting block
  I was lucky enough to take a workshop with Denyse Schmidt a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic!  I've been wanting to try some improv piecing and it was a perfect opportunity since the workshop was through my work and didn't require a lot of travel on my end.  :)   

Denyse was wonderful to work with and a fun teacher - helping each of us branch out and see what we can create using a traditional foundation.  We started with a traditional block and templates in order to get the basic structure of the block.

Then we were free cutting pieces to re-create the block!  It was fun to see how much we we think we need the ruler and how much the eye corrects in quilting.  Each of us brought 2 solid fabrics to use and having that restriction helped to focus on the block itself.  
starting to design wall

Then it was time to see how far I could push the boundaries of the block - this was so much fun! I wanted to see how I could push it and still keep them together. 

Rearranging the blocks was fun and seeing how moving one piece could change the look of it. 

I started with 10" squares- one of each color - and sliced them in three cuts as desired.  I got a lot of variations and kept adding them to the design wall.  It was tricky to 'square' the blocks up at the end, but I added extra strips in as needed to make the blocks all about the same size to sew together.  I think that just adds to the look of the quilt and it isn't really noticeable.

Since I don't own her book and couldn't have her sign that, I asked her to sign one of my blocks in the quilt!   I ended up with this layout and planned it to keep the darker blue to the outer edges, sort of containing the light blue fabric.  

finished top!

I had the best time and will definitely be doing more improv work in the future.  With a finished top, I'll be thinking of what to use on the back and making plans for quilting this one in the near future!

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