Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fourth Quarter Finale

Wow! It's already time to make the last list for the 2013 Finish a Long?!  I went back to my previous 3 lists and out of the 10 projects I've linked so far this year - I've finished 7 of them!  :D  I decided to go big for this final Quarter - it's nice to make progress on some WIPs even if I can't get them all finished.
she can quilt

So here's the official list for Quarter 4 (in no particular order)::

1. Pinwheels: 
 Lingering from the Q3 list that's almost managed: I need to finish the quilting & bind it. *Edited: #274 on the Q4 finishes link up!

2. Challenge Quilt: 
I got the top put together this summer and recently ordered the perfect backing.  Needs basting, quilting and binding.

3. Swoon:
Also lingering from the Q3 list, but I did get the backing together and batting cut.  So it need basting, quilting & binding as well.  Still have no idea how to quilt it - any suggestions??

pieced top

4. Christmas Sparkle:
 Not sure if this will officially count, but it's on the list.  Momm pieced this awesome quilt and we got it basted recently.  I volunteered to quilt it before Christmas so I can snuggle with it on vacation! :)  We coordinated a plan on quilting and should have just enough of the red fabric for binding as well.
*Edited: #275 on the Q4 finishes link up!

5. GS Quilt:
 So this quilt is lurking in my sewing needs some serious attention (note: seam ripping) and just hasn't been at the top of the list.  I would like to get the top figured out  at least so it's back on the list....

6. Camera Bag:
I almost forgot to add this to the list but am putting it on before the deadline! Momm had some great camera fabric that I used to make a Wide Mouth zipper bag to store my camera & cords & such.  So fun.  It's partially put together, but still needs to have the lining stitched shut, top stitching and zipper pull attached.  This will be a straight forward finish.
*Edited: #276 on the Q4 finishes link up!

Linking up at SheCanQuilt and checking out all the other great projects.  There's still time to join in - make a list and grab some motivation!

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