Sunday, July 7, 2013

holiday weekend fun

panorama view from the bluff

Hope you had a stupendous 4th of July celebration weekend!  Mine definitely has been great.
 I had The holiday off and a half day at work on the 5th so it was a nice long break just waiting for an adventure - so I obliged.

Thursday I headed westward to the Mississippi River and spent the afternoon at Columbus-Belmont State Park.  It's on a bluff above the river and was a strategic point during the Civil War  - first held by the Confederates and finally taken by the Union.  The earthwork trenches are still there and now part of the trail you can walk. 

 Impressive to see those and the giant anchor on display.  This was part of a huge chain stretched across the river to Missouri as a way to stop up the Union ships from getting through to land.

picnic in style
 It was fun to adventure through the 'wilds' of west KY and stand above the Mississippi River.  I took my newly complete Stepping Stones quilt and after exploring the park had a nice picnic.  

You can't have Independence day without fireworks - well, I try not to!  After coming home from the park, I headed to the riverfront for some musical entertainment while waiting for the fireworks.

  I remembered my chair this year and was real to have left a blanket in my car - it got chilly by the water! It seems like all of Paducah crowds the riverfront and I amused myself by capturing the changing light in the clouds through the sunset.
loved the reflection in the river of the fireworks! 

I got to run some errands and do some shopping and planning on Friday as well.  I worked on finishing my Cave Painting quilt and sewed sleeves onto some mini quilts so I can hang them on the wall.  I finished a secret project and just need a label for it now too.  Also exciting - my new dishwasher was installed so I had fun trying out the new buttons.

I caught up with a friend Saturday, indulged in some Panera goodies and hit the pool too.  The sun finally cooperated so that was nice.  Even finished a good book too - The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro.  Went biking on the greenway trail this afternoon because it's hard to watch le Tour and not want to go biking!  I didn't cover nearly as many miles as the riders do!

All in all a great weekend to celebrate our Independence - hope yours was just as wonderful.

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