Friday, May 3, 2013

the Post-Quilt Show edition

 Quilt week was awesome!  I'm pretty sure I only sat down for meals all week because we were non-stop busy every day.  Always a good sign and it was fun having so many quilters visiting from all over.  It was good to have Momm visiting too - definitely made it more fun in the evenings.  We talked quilty-talk all weekend and had two days after Show to actually quilt!  I'm still tired and am so glad the weekend is here again to catch up on some sleep.  :)

 We also made it to Flamingo Row (my fav. local restaurant), drove through the Dogwood trail and once we put out the hummingbird feeder watched the hummers zip in and out.

Here's what I worked on - finally a butterfly block for my wall!  This is my second time sewing curves and they are fun!  I finished up the binding last night while watching hockey.  Playoffs are on and that typically means nothing gets done except during intermission....ha!  Linking this finish up at Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finish.  

Today at work I tested out our equipment for leaf pounding and it turned out well.  This will be for an upcoming GS program about trees and after the hammering, I'll take them through the galleries to see how trees are represented in quilts.  

Tonight I tested out a few ideas while making several blocks for the Quilts for Boston collection.  I'm planning to have the Junior Quilters make blocks at the next meeting to send out to the Boston MQG as well and participate in a great project that helps spread the love stitched into quilts with those who need it.

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby, mint juleps, catching up with chores and more quilting.  What are you working on this weekend?

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  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. The curved block looks awesome. You must be very pleased with yourself