Sunday, April 7, 2013

last minute wrap-up finish

Just under the wire for my last Quarter 1 finish along project!  I wasn't sure this one would get finished in time, but my new machine meant the quilting went super fast.  There was just enough fabric left for binding and I caught up on Psych episodes and some Netflix to get that all wrapped up as well.
the start of the quilting

Several years ago when the top was finished, I purchased the green fabric for the backing.  When I pulled out this project to baste it a few weeks ago, I realized there wasn't enough of the green - apparently my quilt math wasn't so good in the past.  Ack.  So I raided the stash for enough fabric to make it work and decided to echo the design of the front.  This is the first time I pieced my label into the backing for my quilt as well and I really like how it looks.

I quilted swirls into the top, straight lines in the yellow border and did circles (that look more like jelly beans) in the orange border with Aurifil thread.  It's bound in the same black fabric I used on my Summer Sampler and Cross Eyed binding and measures: 56"x82".I've called this the 'Psalm quilt' while working on it due to the white pieces that have verses from the Psalms written on them, and have no other idea for a name at the moment.  Perhaps it will remain the Psalm quilt.

 I'm so excited to see this one finished after several years.  I'm proud to say I finished all 3 of the projects from my initial list.  Wahoo!   Linking up at She Can Quilt for the Quarter 1 finish party.   Then onto figuring out a list for Quarter 2!

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