Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello, Gilbert!

Just a quick peek at my April project in progress::  I'm making the medium size open wide zipper pouch using Noodlehead's tutorial. I have the pieces all ready and hope to tackle the rest of it later this week.  

Also, I love my new machine!  :D It sews like a dream and I decided I needed to name it because I know we'll be pals for a  long, long time.

 Momm & I have twin machines now, so they had to have twin-type names to match.  ;)   

So my mine has been dubbed Gilbert (as in Anne of Green Gables) and it makes me smile every time I sit down to sew.  Momm's has been dubbed Gidget (as in Gidget Goes Hawaiian).  Can you tell we enjoy watching movies while we sew?  That's what makes it so much fun!


  1. I dream of owning a "twin" to your machine someday! Your title post is my son's name,and your pouch in progress is going to be super cute.

  2. I got Gilbert's Twin! Since a blissful week I have been able to sew on this beautiful machine! YEEHA for Janome!

  3. Love my Janome (MC6500)!! It does not have a name though... I have been hoarding zippers to make some pouches, probably for mother's day gifts.