Monday, January 16, 2012

the future: part II

the continuing New Year's adventures of Bumblebee Tortuga!

We last saw our adventurers as they headed west out of Nashville - en route to Paducah and the 2nd state for the weekend.  It was fun to play tour guide on Saturday as we explored and it was a gorgeous day for New Year's eve - sunny & warm (upper 50s).  We stopped in at Hancock's so I could show off their fabrics [happy sigh] and continued onto the Quilt Museum. Yay!  Snaps was dutifully impressed with the quilts and it's nice to show-off my awesome place of work.  :)  She left a note on my office whiteboard - which I then found a couple days later. Thanks pal!

We continued the tour of downtown with a stop by the flood wall and hung around the river for some photos.  The water was fairly high - almost up to the bottom of the stage which was cool.  Most of the time there's a couple people sitting out (or in their cars) feeding bread to the seagulls.  That combined with the higher water made for a huge flock of 'em just hanging out.  We enjoyed laughing at the birds sitting in the river - the current was pretty strong so they ended up floating downstream and then flew back up to the start. rinse & repeat.  ha.   There was lunch at Kirchoff's deli and some free cookies as well as exploration of the wall murals.

super-sized Superman!
Then we hit the road for Illinois and the 3rd state of our trek.  There's not much going on in Metropolis aside from the casino, but who can resist a giant statue of Superman? Complete with souvenir shop?  No one - that's who!  Snaps & I had fun posing with the statue and afterwards crossed back over the Ohio.  We did our normal New Year's: snacks, movies, games, poppers and watching the ball drop in Times Square. 

Of course, since we're in Central time, it wasn't really 2012 for us yet.  Which, as Snaps pointed out was a bit anti-climatic.  true that.  We caught a couple minutes of coverage from Nashville as they celebrated midnight by dropping a huge music note above the stage.  

 It was a fantastic visit and  awesome to be out adventuring with a good friend.   I'm glad I had Monday off to get my head back into work mode.  (almost).  I watched the Winter Classic hockey game and thoroughly enjoyed my last day of vacation.

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