Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogger's Choice Bundle

I love shopping for quilt fabric.  I mean, what quilter doesn't?  There's something exciting about walking into a quilt shop, scanning the shelves for great prints and working with them to create just the right medley of prints and colors.  Usually, I need a space to lay out the bolts and un wrap them a bit to see how the prints play together, debating this one or that one based on color or scale or what I think might evoke the right feel for the quilt.  Obviously, this can turn out to be a long process because of all the wonderful choices at any given shop!  Sometimes I just like to combine fabrics without any specific quilt in mind.  

So imagine the thrill when I found out that Quokka Quilts was hosting a Blogger's Choice Fat Bundle contest!  In conjunction with the Fat Quarter Shop, we had to choose 12 fabrics + 3 coordinating solids to create our own bundles and enter them in the contest.  I kept seeing this pop up on several blogs and finally sat down to do it this afternoon. So glad I didn't miss the deadline which is tomorrow.

Here's my bundle, with the fabrics used below:

Kona Cotton Cerise
Good Fortune Reflection Dragonfly
Froggin' Yellow Water Vines
Lemon Grove Blue Starburst
Kona Cotton Canary
Crazy Daisy Turquoise Tile
Grand Bazaar Jewel Sun Dot
Sketch Purple Screen Texture
Bella Solids Turquoise
Morning Tides Yellow Water
Impressions Grape Taj
Terrain Berry Lichen
Terrain Berry Fern
Oval Elements Blue Lagoon
Good Fortune Reflection Yoshino

It took me about an hour or so to create - so many gorgeous fabrics!  So many that started me thinking of other color palettes and sidetracked my focus.  :)   I started with the Dragonfly print and let it grow from that.  I love the berry/cerise color and it fit so well with the purple & turquoise. I added the yellows for an added pop!  I learned how to use the online mosaic maker (which was awesome!) and it's my first link up too.  I plan to look through the other bundles in the next few weeks - what great inspiration for new quilts!

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