Monday, March 21, 2011

quilty quilty quilt

Dear readers I'm a bit remiss in my posting, as I've noticed a severe lack of quilt related posting (new job not included). This will more than make up for it, I'm sure.
amazingly easy pinwheels!

I found a great tutorial online by the Missouri Quilt Star Co. - on easy pinwheels - and was just amazed at the method.  Of course, I had to try it for myself and wow! what an easy way to make pinwheels en masse.  Once I tested it, I had to turn it into something and what better than a mug rug.  Mom got me semi-hooked on these and I spot them all over the blog-o-sphere.  These are also a great way to practice my binding techniques – an added bonus.  


I've been working on a couple classified projects as well so here are just some teaser shots - more to come. I've got to piece the backing to one & possibly get some batting for the other - we'll see how I can stretch what I have to cover both.  Although, speaking of batting, there's some super soft stuff from Moda that I'm wanting to try out. 

I'm super excited about them both and can't wait to get them into the machine!  I'll probably take them to work with me soon, so I can lay 'em out and pin baste 'em on the larger tables.  Yay.

Lastly, I'm completely enamored with the Gypsy Bandana fabric line by Pillow & Maxfield.  Every time I'm at Hancock's I walk down the aisle and drool *not literally!* over these awesome pieces.  I wish I could take yards of each home with me, but alas, that just isn't feasible.  
Don't you just love these designs?!
However, I do scour the remnant table and have managed to find good pieces of several color ways which totally makes my day!  I'll need to find a good way to use this awesome fabric so i can buy more.  :D 

So that's what's up in the quilt room for now - stay tuned for more project teasers.

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