Wednesday, March 16, 2011

High Water

Here are a few more shots of the river as it continued to rise.  After last weeks post and pictures, the drive through area along the wall was closed to vehicle traffic.  The walls are still open so there have been plenty of people coming to give a look-see at the rising river each time I've been out photo-documenting.  I don't know how high the river gets typically at the end of winter, but for now it's the highest I've seen it.

March 11: PM, after work
I tried to keep the same angle (as last posts' pix) for comparison purposes and then explored the rest of the riverfront area.  It's pretty cool to see a riverboat going by at eye level instead of looking down on them as they slip up & down the river. 
March 15: PM, after work

According to the sign the river gauge went from 45.5' to 47.6' between these two pictures.  The flood stage is 39.0' and I've discovered the flood gates in the wall are closed at 49.5'.  It isn't predicted to get that high, though the lower shoreline areas have been impacted.

This riverboat/barge came alongside the shore and was almost close enough to touch.  It's sitting high already because it's empty and several people gathered to watch it park.

Picture if you will dear reader, some long steps, flower planter boxes (now covered) and a stage where bands play during the summer.  The boat ramp is here as well and it can be a nice place for lunching and relaxing outside - when it isn't all underwater!


<---For comparison (& for fun!) here's what's usually visible from the road.  Neat trick huh?  :)

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