Monday, January 17, 2011

In concert

The other weekend, N&L invited me to go with them to see The Band Perry since they had scored some free tickets.  Free tickets, Friday night out with friends?  That's a no brainer!  It was in the arts center at WKCTC which is a nice, cozy sized auditorium, (I'd been there to hear David Baldacci speak), and for a concert it was pretty awesome!  Open seating and we ended up only a few rows from the stage, so we could see the band clearly - not like when you sit in the upper deck at the 1st Mariner in B'more.

The opener was Joanna Smith - and she was good.  From somewhere down in GA so the accent was a bit hard to understand via microphone at times but I liked some of her upbeat quirky songs.  I ended up getting her single on iTunes because it made me laugh.  Take a listen - it's called "Gettin' Married!"  :oP

Anyways, the Band Perry was awesome - great stage presence, great show and great music.  I'd heard their recent hit "If I Die Young" on the radio once or twice and it's quite good.  I also like their music video for it because it references Anne of Green Gables - specifically the part where Anne is playing the Lady of Shallot and almost drowns.  Ha! Check it out here.  Seriously, it was a great show and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes their music.  At one point, they performed a medley of their favorite songs - rock 'n roll & country mixed.  While everyone knew the words to "American Pie", I had to wonder how many of the younger kids knew Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." 

Thanks N for the awesome free tickets and a chance to have a rockin' girls night out!

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