Monday, January 17, 2011

Gold Star for Me!

Temperatures have crept back up into the 40s and the sun was out yesterday, making for a nice afternoon.  I grabbed my gloves, hat and keys and set out for a walk around the neighborhood loop.  The fresh air was wonderful and it wasn't too windy.  It was really quiet as well - I only passed 1 runner and there aren't many dogs to disturb the stillness. I figured everyone was either out shopping, or taking their car through the car wash down the street.  No, seriously, there was a loong line for both bays every time I passed the place; to & from church, the store, walking.  Apparently it was 'Wash Your Car' Day here and I missed that memo.  I didn't feel like waiting in line and was glad I didn't this morning when I work up to the rain.  Good ol' Mother Nature comes through again.

Anyways, that's not the point of this story!  As I was walking around the loop (thoroughly enjoying myself), a van slowed and the couple inside asked me for directions to the Civic Center.  Apparently, their GPS led them into my neighborhood claiming they had arrived at their destination. Ha. I not only knew where they were heading, but gave them excellent directions to actually get there.

As I was congratulating myself on having a good grasp on the local landmarks & roads, a second car also stopped me and told me the same story!  I don't know what brand of GPS these cars had but it needs some serious updating.

So after giving this car equally solid directions, I returned to my walk with an extra bounce in my step and a grin on my face.  I passed the 'can you tell me how to get ____' test with flying colors and have earned this gold star twice over.  :D

look - I did so well it even has my name on it ;)

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