Tuesday, October 19, 2010

KY vs. MD :: Round 2

As I learned how to use the phone system here at the Museum and who I need to call for certain questions, I've learned an interesting tidbit I want to share with you dear reader.

When using the land line, I don't have to dial the area code for Paducah phone numbers!  

While making phone calls for work this tends to trip me up and about half the time I get the automated "this call cannot be completed. Please hang up and try again" spiel.  Even when filling out forms, people don't always write their area code if they live in Paducah and this complicated matters until I caught on, learned the Paducah area code and added it in to the contact info for my own sanity.

The last time I didn't need to use the MD area code and could just dial the 7 digits straight-up to chat with a friend was somewhere around the time I was in 5th grade. It's been a habit now to use the area code when dialing any number so this no-area code business is like a strange kind of time warp.  

It's such an interesting difference to note and when I mention that here, people seemed surprised that we use area codes in MD for local calls.  How fun it is to keep picking up on the local quirks so stay tuned!

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