Sunday, October 17, 2010

Everyone loves Pancakes!

My love of pancakes was rekindled with the discovery of this blog: Jim's Pancakes.  If you haven't already checked it out - do it now!  He makes *awesome* pancakes for his daughter and they are truly spectacular.  He has made appearances on several talk & cooking shows as well.  I stumbled across his blog by chance several months ago and was wowed by his pancake creations. 

Star power

So I set about finding the right proportions for making good pancakes with the boxed variety of Hungry Jack.  Just as I nailed the water to mix ratio, I ran out of mix and decided I wanted to make them from scratch.   Food to the rescue!  There I found a simple pancake mix that didn't need much altering or cutting down as I am cooking for just me.  I even bought a condiment squeeze bottle to make cleaner shapes & lines just like Jim!

Last weekend momm and I ventured to the closest Target - found in IL - where among other things, I bought some new pots & pans and a griddle pan.  Hooray!  I was now prepared to take my pancaking skills to new heights!  Here, dear reader, are some of my creations.


The turtle was taken from Jim's 'how-to' on the blog - it was super cute and super easy so it made for a good place to start!

 I had some trouble with the batter clumping up a bit in the squeeze bottle so the outer edges burned a smidge.  They were still delicious!
fishes & flowers
    Here's to more weekend mornings full of fun & pancakes!!
rocket ship @ Chrissy's