Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall Paducah Quilt Week

A couple weeks ago we had the 2nd ever Fall Paducah Quilt Show in town! We were a bit more prepared this time around and it was a week of quilts and fun and quilters and work. My work hours were fairly normal for a Quilt Week (hooray!), and I managed to duck over to see the show & exhibits on occasion.  Mostly, my duties include manning a register, taking pictures for social media, helping out when artists visit and agree to photos &/or a video interview, and generally being useful and building relationships with artists.
Oh, this guy? He flew into the museum and is covered with fabric - a patchwork pelican!

Here are just a few of the quilts that caught my eye at the show - some really great quilts being exhibited. These first two were part of the Taiwan Art Quilts exhibit.
Growing Continually II by Huei-Lan Chaung
Coexistence by Lien-Chao Tseng
Sunshine by Kat Jones, Australia

Arches by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Faces of Four Seasons by Joann Baeth
Hello Harvey - Hello Irma by Beverly Blessing & Lynette Mart

Found it interesting that while the Quilt Show took place, the East Coast was preparing for Hurricane Florence, and there were 2 hurricane-inspired quilts.

Both were eye catching, though different in size, and very on point with their appeal for the current events ongoing.

Infrared Maria by Ann Harwell

This quilt stopped me in my tracks on the floor. The detail and design was intriguing and I had to take a closer look for sure on the quilting. What a cool design and such workmanship! The Scenery of Gameunsa Temple by Hyesook Kim, South Korea.

The colors! The white water breaking over the curl! The spray of the water! Love this!
Wave by Debi Webb

One of the special exhibits was Bourbon in the Bluegrass: quilts inspired by KY bourbon makers, made by MJ Kinman. While they are striking through the camera lens, in person they were excellent! Makes me want to like bourbon more....haha.

Between River and Sky
Kentucky Honey
 This made me smile! How can you resist?!
Making Amends by Carol Cote, Canada

Casting Shadows by Paige Alexander

That's Life by Mary Landon

One of the other special exhibits was Tula Pink's quilts! These were really fun to see in person, face to face if you will, after seeing them online as patterns or fabrics in progress. Tula's quilts are quilted by Angela Walters and it was awesome to see so much of her quilting in person too! Extra bonus fun? I went to Tula's evening talk Thursday night. So good! Seriously, so. good.

 Tula gave us an insight into her inspirations and creativity and process as she works her magic. Takeaways from her talk: Don't be afraid to have bad ideas, the good ones are in there too!
Make it authentic to your hand, to you. Art is the artist telling you who they are.

I have to say, Tula lives up to her reputation in a great way and if you have a chance to go see her-go!

me & Tula!
 All in all a great week, and a fun Fall Paducah Quilt Week!

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  1. This makes me unbearably homesick! Love that wave quilt wow. Thanks for sharing! ♡