Monday, March 12, 2018

On My Honor

Happy 106th Birthday Girl Scouts! 

As a lifetime Scout, who earned both the Silver & Gold Award, celebrating Scout anniversaries is second nature. Back in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts in Savannah, GA to give girls a place to explore the world around them, learn a variety of skills, & grow into leaders.

In working on a grant proposal for work, I needed to make a sample related to inspirational/influential women and Juliette is my go-to. This was fun to make and pretty quick to pull together.

I used some fusible applique, machine applique, free motion quilting & a pigma pen to write the quote by Juliette. It measures about 18" square and I'm looking forward to running a couple workshops later this year so I can use this one often!

My experience in Scouts was excellent - we sold cookies, earned badges in a variety of subjects/skills, visited Savannah & Juliette Low's house, took Wider Opportunity trip to St. Louis, traveled to Our Chalet in Switzerland, went camping, and had a whole host of other great experiences & adventures that made it so much fun. A large part of that was having an awesome leader (shout out to Momm for making our troop the coolest)! :D

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  1. I loved our time in Scouts. So much fun and so many adventures!!