Saturday, November 4, 2017

Story of a Quilt

We all know every quilt has a story, right? This story begins in 2015 with the Pantone color of the Year Challenge. The color chosen: Marsala.  I wasn't completely thrilled with this color choice on first glance, but that makes the challenge more exciting.  I doodled some designs and scrolled my Pinterest images for inspiration. 

 The color of the year is part of a color line for that season so I used those colors as my basis for pulling fabrics from my stash to go with all of the marsala fabrics I had on hand. Everything came from stash in this quilt, always nice to do! I free cut the curves, and machine appliqued the two triangles. The size of the quilt was partially determined by the contest, and the size of the pieces of my fabrics.

The top was completed in time and I was all ready to enter it into the contest. Sadly, I goofed on this one and missed the deadline accidentally by a couple of days. :( Read the original post here.

So the top sat and sat and showed up in my Finish Along lists quarter after quarter until I decided to just finish it already. It was a good top to use for playing with quilting designs and I used a variety of Aurifil threads - mostly 50 wt and a few 40 wt. colors too.

It measure 30"x42" and I dug out some scraps of the fabrics to use in the binding - managed to get a little of every fabric into it! Now all I need is to label it and come up with a good name - any suggestions readers?

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  1. My list is filled with missed deadlines and "finish it already(s)". I applaud you for kicking one of your UFOs to the curb. Hooray!!